Chief Inspector Ian Jones caught lying making a false malicious allegation

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Chief Inspector Ian Jones of Lancashire police has been caught out lying.

Ian Jones. Full of shit?  or is it mud.

Chief Inspector Ian Jones made a false allegation against a victim of crime on a phone call that the victim had fortunately recorded.

Some weeks or months after this phone call, Chief Inspector made a FALSE allegation that he was called him a ‘FUCKING IDIOT’ during the phone call.

This is a lie so a complaint was made to Lancashire police, they were informed that the call was recorded.

Lancashire police who are ‘investigating themselves‘ asked for a copy of the recorded evidence to support the complaint.

A copy of the phone recording was posted to the police, but a letter was later received, saying ‘please supply the evidence‘.

So, it has now been posted on YouTube (unlisted for now) and the YouTube link was sent to Lancashire Force Control room for the attention of PSD clearly quoting the complaint number.

A further letter was received saying, “as you have no supplied any evidence, we will deal with the complaint based on the information we have

Funny how they do not seem to have received evidence that was posted AND emailed to them.

Ian Jones as an Inspector in Merseyside police

So, No Chief Inspector Ian Jones, you were not called a fucking idiot.  You are a lair, just what we need in the police force! I would now argue that you are such an idiot though for making such a false and easily provable LIE..!

We wonder if Ian Jones stands by his motto of “NO EXCUSES” in the title photograph, or if he makes up some more bullshit lies which are the most likely outcome.  There are not many police officers who would have the balls to tell the truth, even though Ian Jones looks like he has a pair in his hands, does he have the balls to come clean..?

We will update this post as this cover-up continues.


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