Chief Inspector Ian Jones says malicious website created by Paul Turner is not criminal

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Chief Inspector Ian Jones has joined in the corruption by saying that a malicious website, created by Paul Turner (a police informant) is not criminal, and Lancashire police will not be investigating it.

As usual, ‘teflon turner’ Paul Turner avoids prosecution due to being a snitch.  Police will not prosecute him as he will no doubt spill the beans on Lancashire police for what he has been allowed to do with their knowledge.  Lets not forget Paul Turner was presented as a witness for Lancashire police and  knowingly committed perjury, and not surprisingly Lancashire police never prosecuted him for this either.

Chief Inspector Ian Jones has said that the website, created by Paul Turner, was not an offence, even though the website had sick paedophile comments and also said I attacked a child.  Apparently, Lancashire police will allow anyone to say this about me.

Have a listen. (small amount of redaction)


Chief Inspector Ian Jones ignored the fact that the website created about Paul Turner was deemed criminal by Lancashire police and Lancashire police swiftly brought a prosecution against me for it..!

Of course,  I was acquitted, but the fact is, Lancashire police brought charges against me “faster than a cop in a donut shop

The minute Paul Turner commits any offence, Lancashire police do anything they can to protect him.




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