Chief Supt Jayne Meir of West Mids police refuses to record SECOND crime

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Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir of West Midlands Police has refused to record a SECOND criminal offence by the same offender who has again breached his restraining order.

The offender, Darren Garry HOGAN was convicted on the 20th November 2017 and received the following criminal conviction:

• To be subject to a Community Order until 19/08/2018
• To participate in Rehabilitation Activity Requirements for 10 days
• Fined £80
• Ordered to pay Court costs of a total of £485

A Restraining order has been made until 19/11/2018 with the following terms:

• Not to contact <victims names> directly or indirectly by any means including social media or other internet communications media.
• Not to post information concerning <victims names> on any social or internet media.

On the 27th November, 1 week after conviction, Darren Hogan posted a disturbing video on his public Facebook wall. The video did not mention the victim’s names but made significant references to them so as they would know he was talking about them as would other people.

Jayne Meir stated:

I apologise for the delay in getting back to you, I sought additional advice in relation to this matter which took a few days. I have now concluded that there is insufficient evidence that Darren Hogan has breached his restraining order and as such, there is no further action we can take at this time.

I have discussed with the investigation team for the originating offence the benefits of police contact with Mr Hogan. I have been assured that he has been advised about his contact on a number of occasions and it is considered that additional contact is likely to exacerbate the situation rather than improve it.

My advice is as per my previous email i.e refrain from searching for posts by Hogan / Abercrombie, or those linked to these issues and that you and <name deleted> do not post any comments yourself in relation to these matters.

In relation to the ‘Rehabilitation team’ you mention can I ask what you are referring to please? In circumstances such as this, there is unlikely to be any follow up ‘rehabilitation’ as far as I know it from probation as he has not received a custodial sentence unless this was prescribed by the Court? Mr Hogan would not be someone that would fit the criteria for on-going police Offender Management.


What Jayne Meir failed to identify:

  1. Hogan’s conviction which is listed above. She did not look at his conviction and see that he was to participate in Rehabilitation Activity. It has been confirmed that Hogan does have a probation officer who has now been informed.
  2. The person Hogan was talking about in his sick video clip.  The video makes numerous inferences to a person.  I will not divulge the witness name but will say that West Midlands Police have 100% conclusive evidence that Darren Hogan is referring to the victim for whih he has a restraining order.

What Jayne Meir has admitted is that the actions of Darren Hogan have been such that police have ‘advised him of his contact‘ and that ‘further contact will exacerbate the situation‘.  This, in other words, Hogan getting ‘off the record‘ repeated warnings that his conduct is harassment, for which he already been convicted! and is a criminal offence in its own right!

This incident has now escalated and the probation services are now informed as is the local Crime Commissioner. Both have advised the victims that the actions of Hogan are a breach of the order.  The commissioner advised that a formal complaint is made against West Midlands police.

It was agreed that even though Jayne Meir said it was ‘her opinion‘ there is no breach.  The wording of the restraining order from the judiciary and the published information by Hogan is a clear breach.

Jayne Meir is lying through her back teeth using an excuse that there is no evidence when the evidence it is right in front of her and she will not open her eyes.

This is not just a victim suffering at the hands of an offender.  This is evidence that West Midlands police force are openly refusing to follow through with reports of criminal activity.  This portrayed in the recent report saying West Midlands Police are inadequate.

The evidence from the previous report about Hogan has not even been viewed by police and they have refused to crime the incident. Why would any police force refuse to even look at the evidence before refusing to record a crime?  Either the police are protecting the offender or are decieving the victim (or maybe they are just plain shit at thier jobs)

Video of Jayne Meir… fast forward to the 4-minute mark where Jayne clearly lies as she says

Stopping people becoming perpetrators of crime and preventing people becoming victims of crime which was one of the reasons why I wanted to join in the first place


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