Chris Unsworth genuine survivor gives his views on Andy Woodward

Andy Woodward Accused of Rape
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We have received copies of comments by Chris Unsworth speaking about Andy Woodward on Twitter.

Chris Unsworth is a genuine victim of abuse and was thankful to Andy Woodward for helping him ‘come out’.


Chris Unsworth has openly stated that Andy Woodward was dropped from The Offside Trust Charity because of the rape allegations against him.



Yes, he was DROPPED from the charity.  Andy Woodward LIED to the media to cover his own arse and get a fat paying on a book deal..!

Chris Unsworth says the rape victims story would be bigger that Andy Woodward’s after everyone has built him up!.  About time this was run in the mainstream media.


Woodward being dropped from The Offside Trust is a complete contradiction to the reports in the media where Andy Woodward claims he ‘stepped down’. Bollocks, he was booted out!

Andy Woodward LIED to the Daily Mail, saying:

I am still involved with the trust but I have just been very busy. I have got a lot of other things going on but they have my backing and support“.

Rubbish, he was DROPPED due to the rape allegations and is NOT involved.  This was a result of him being sacked from Lancashire police.


Chris Unsworth, who is a genuine victim, has show his disgust for Andy Woodward saying “Andy Woodward is in this for the money“.  Are you going to buy his book to allow him to reach his £5 million goal..! He has already took his ex for almost half a million.

Not a bad little earner for a sacked cop!

He will always be the one that helped me speak out about my past but I could see through a lot of bullshit he was saying & doing. He is in this for one reason to make as much money as he can.


Chris Unsworth goes on to say

Using his past to make money as well. Not one of the hundreds & hundreds of survivors Iv spoken to would want to do that.


Chris Unsworth speaking, of the the rape victim of Andy Woodward says

“She has my full support…”


Now, isn’t it a shame the Guardian where were in communication with his rape victim, DROPPED her story because his was more finincially viable.


The Offside Trust has been asked to comment…

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