Clive Grunshaw Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner alleged to have given police property to a charity

Clive Grunshaw has allegedly given a police motorcycle worth thousands of pounds to a Charity.

Highly commendable you may think, but is it?

The Charity is the North West Blood Bikes who are heavily funded by the Freemasons, headed by a committee of Freemasons!  The Chairman, Paul Brooks is/was a Freemason, he is also an ex Lancashire police officer and wait for it… a Lancashire Magistrate.

The police motorcycle is owned by the public in that the public taxes paid for it.  It has substantial residual value of thousands of pounds which could have been donated to any charity, but the Crime Commissioner decided he would give it to the Blood Bikes charity.

Sold at auction, the proceeds of this motorcycle could have support any number of truly worthwhile charities, or put back into the police force as they are crying out for money.

The allegation was put to the Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw via the FOI website, ‘WhatDoTheyKnow’ based on the article about the donated motorcycle posted on the Blood Bikes website here

As you will see in the response, Clive Grunshaw denied the donation, instead suggesting it was sold to the Blood Bikes, yet, reading the Blood Bikes article and the response from Clive Grunshaw, something does not add up.

Read more about the alleged corruption within the North West Blood Bikes

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