Clive Grunshaw, Police Commissioner FAILS

Clive Grunshaw
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Clive Grunshaw is the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner and has specific responsibilities.

As Police and Crime Commissioner, one of his duties is to hold the Lancashire Police Chief Constable, Steve Finnigan,  to account for any wrongdoings in Lancashire Police.

Steve Finnigan, the Chief Constable, is the Data Controller for Lancashire Police and is responsible for the safety of data held by the constabulary.

A local man (Paul Ponting) informed Clive Grunshaw of a serious data breach by Lancashire Police against his children.  Clive Grunshaw should have questioned the Chief Constable as he is the data controller and is responsible for any data disclosed.

Astonishingly, what Clive Grunshaw did, in fact, was block Mr Ponting from communication.  His emails were ignored and anything My Ponting attempted to post on the Police and Crime Commissioners Facebook page was deleted.  Eventually, Mr Ponting was then blocked.

Mr Ponting wrote an email to Clive Grunshaw asking for answers, this was ignored and even forwarded to the Police in what is believed to be an attempt to have the Police question Mr Pontings for communicating with the crime Commissioner.

The data about Mr Ponting’s children was breached by DS Andy Langton, to a Vile Internet troll and Police Informer, Paul Turner.  This troll then published the sensitive data about children on a hate website.

Severe data breach

This is one of the most significant data breaches that can take place.  Think about it.  This is a breach of children’s data, by a Police Officer, to a person who has received a harassment warning for threatening to kill the same children.

Lancashire Police failed to do anything about the data breach for over 3 months claiming they are unable to contact Paul Turner.

The man has set up a petition for the resignation of Clive Grunshaw which can be viewed and signed by following the link below.


UPDATE: Clive Grunshaw has written to the parents and refused to uphold the complaint and accused the patent of abusing the complaints process.  All the caring parents tried to do was report Police for disclosing data about their children and the Crime Commissioner accuses the of abusing the complaints process.  I encourage you to all support them and sign the above petition.


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