Clive Grunshaw tackles FRAUD…. except when it involves Lancashire police

An allegation of Fraud against Lancashire police has been raised and ‘brushed under the carpet‘.

The allegation is well published here.

Taken from Q-Local Ormskirk, “Clive Grunshaw, National Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) lead for Fraud and Cyber Crime, has supported calls for more consistency in the way that police forces tackle fraud

Lancashire police themselves have been proven to have fraudulently devalued a police motorcycle to allow them to dispose of it.   Lancashire police have FAILED TO COMMENT.

Questions were asked of Clive Grunshaw of popular website WhatDoTheyKnow which makes for interesting reading.

It was ironic that Clive Grunshaw himself claimed to have ‘donated’ the bike, shown on this article.  He later changed his story to say it was purchased, changing it again the it was donated.

It has been shown that the bike was valued by the police themselves at being under £1,500, miraculously just under the exact threshold that allows them to dispose as they wish.

The Motorcycle, even today some 5+ years later is still worth more than the £1,500 fraudulent valuation of 2013.

It is believe the police motorcycle, (an asset of the UK tax payers), was worth in excess of £7,000 at the time it was given away.  It was Lancashire police themselves who fraudulently devalued it to allow it to be ‘given away’ to an ex Lancashire police officer and currently serving magistrate, Paul Brooks JP who wanted it for a blood Bike Charity.

You may well this this is a good cause?  Well, 99% of all Bikes in this charity are volunteer owned.  There is no requirement for a police motorcycle.  Not to mention, this is police property, owned by the tax payer and devaluing it like this is fraudulent and also ILLEGAL.

Please feel free to contact Clive Grunshaw, the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner and ask him what exactly he is doing about this allegation right on his own doorstep!

Clive Grunshaw can be contacted by visiting this page.  His email address is  Please feel free to refer him to this page.

Clive Grunshaw has been asked for his comments which will be added here.


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