Complaint against Sgt Matthew Abbs of Norfolk police referred to the IOPC

After a complaint that DS Mathew Abbs of Norfolk police unlawfully access THIS WEBSITE, Norfolk police have confirmed they have referred themselves to the IOPC.  Evidence of IP addresses was provided that we believe will link to the home of Abbs.


Dear Mr Pxxx,

We are responding to you after your recent communication with the PSD Complaints Management Unit.

1). Please see below in relation to your complaint regarding a serving Police officer in which you state;

a.The admin area of UK Corrupt Police website was unlawfully accessed by the serving Police officer.

b. The Police officer had copies of draft and unpublished documents that were securely stored on you (sic) website. They also used the documents without authority in a hearing on 1st April 2021. The breach occurred on the 26th of March and was secured on the 1st April after a court hearing. You believe the timing of this is far too coincidental.

In addition to the above, you state the person who made the unlawful access to your web site compromised 26 other unrelated documents that were stored in the same state.

Having reviewed and assessed the above we can confirm this has been recorded as a formal complaint (CO/257/21) and voluntary (sic) referred to the IOPC. The IOPC will contact you direct reference this which is likely to (sic) between Friday 21st May and Tuesday 25th May.


The IOPC response will be published on receipt.

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