Complaint against Superintendent Jenny Gomery

Superintendent Jenny Gomery

A complaint has been recorded against Superintendent Jenny Gomery of Professional Standards, Lancashire Constabulary.  This follows a recently reported complaint against DCI Ian Whitehead in the same professional standards department.

Superintendent-Jenny-Gomery-Lancashire-PSDSuperintendent Jenny Gomery (pictured) reviewed an appeal, made by a victim of crime, and declared there was no case to answer, however, it has been confirmed that crimes were likely committed.

The victim of crime, had reported that a person has posted many malicious comments on the internet branding him a paedophile.  Not only that, but the perpetrator also posted these comments on the victims personal Facebook page.  The perpetrator admitted the comments on Facebook but denied the other posts, which were anonymous but posted within days of the Facebook posts and contained information only available to the perpetrator.

A crime was reported to the Police under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.  Police failed to investigate and the case was dismissed.  The victim appealed this decision and it was then considered by Superintendent Jenny Gomery of the Professional Standards Department.  This was not upheld.

Her reason were that… as vthe victim was maliciously prosecuted (and acquitted) by Lancashire Police, he was in fact charged with Malicious Communications against the perpetrator for publishing that the perpetrator was a Police Informer. This is confirmed by the perpetrator himself and was proven in the magistrates court.  The Magistrates court ACQUITTED the victim on all malicious charges.  The victim is currently suing Lancashire Constabulary for Malicious Prosecution, Unlawful Detention and Assault

Superintendent Jenny Gomery, used this magistrates ruling against the victim, by declaring that any reported Malicious Communication or Harassment reported by the victim would NOT be investigated, therefore condoning the perpetrator from all Malicious communication, including branding him a maliciously a paedophile.

A complaint has been reported, updates will be added as they progress.

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  1. im in a very similar position with lancs police recently at preston mags a key prosecution witness said half way through the trial that he would not give eveidence against me when he was sat in the witness waiting room with 4 serving officers they discussed how they could manufacture evidence against me in court and then badgered the man to change his statement half way through the trial but he said no he wouldnt see it happen and described it in court as police corruption cath thomas of skelmersdale ppu and steve ollerton made my life hell to the point where i consisered suicide the ipcc have recieved the form …i can only hope that these two officers along with pcso nick knowles who took 5 hours to write up a statment ripping it up several times as he said it wasnt damming enough against me ….so the prosecution case was made up of lying police from skem ppu and chorley total disgrace i shall comment more when ipcc respond

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