Confirmation by the IOPC that Lancashire police made an UNLAWFUL decision

This is a letter of response from the IOPC, confirming that Lancashire police (and the IOPC themselves) made an unlawful decision contrary to the Police Reform Act 2002.

The decision was to not investigate a police officer from committing perjury, leading to an unsafe conviction also, for failing to investigate an Inspector for withholding crucial evidence (perverting the course of justice!)

The bozo police officer lied on oath saying he did not kick his victim (me).  Full article is here.

The offence was caught on my body worn camera proving he lied, although my camera was unlawfully withheld from the criminal proceedings by an Inspector knowing it would prove my innocence!  This bent officer has now retired!

The IOPC have directed that Lancashire police investigate the officer and the criminal allegations!.  Such lies that would see an ordinary person face the Crown Court on charges of Perjury, facing up to 7 years in prison!

I wonder if Lancashire constabulary will do this or, as expected, the will concoct another unlawful decision.

Odd that the IOPC see no learning in this… even though the Judicial review cost a pretty penny (over £10,000 from the public purse!)

In any event, this officer will face prosecution and Lancashire police are facing a civil claim for the Malicious Prosecution.



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