Conflict of Interest highlighted between Lancashire police and the Judiciary

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Lets say you are charged with a criminal offence in Lancashire.  Lancashire police bring the evidence and prosecution against you (yes, they often do this without CPS advice) and you then land yourself in front of a magistrate.

How would you feel if the magistrate, (who legally must be impartial) was an ex Lancashire police officerm and the evidence against you was brought by, Lancashire police.,,

Now, lets assume the Magistrate, who is a Lancashire police officer is also the chairman of a charity, the charity who receive substantial donations in the form of police motorcycles, donated by the chief constable of Lancashire police?

What do you think your chances are against this magistrate?


The fact is, this is no scenario at all.  Lancashire police have donated significant ‘sums of public money’ in the form of police motorcycles, artificially devalued  and disposed of.  The Motorcycles have then been ‘donated’ to North West Blood Bikes.  This charity is chaired by ex Lancashire police officer Paul Brooks JP (yes, JP means he is a magistrate)

This is the news article showing that Lancashire police and backed by the PCC  ‘donated’ a police motorcycle (one of a number)

This is a Freedom of Information request ‘querying it’

Within the freedom of Information request,  Clive Grunshaw denied the motorcycle was donated
He then says lies clarifies the bikes were in fact ‘sold’ for a value that the bikes would supposedly expect to fetch at auction (eh, hem… bullshit)

An internal review was pushed for which resulted in admissions that the bike in question WAS in fact donated (given away)
Admission that other bikes were ‘sold’ for vastly devalued prices (no bills of sale have been provided but requested!)
The PCC could not answer WHY this specific charity benefitted? (easy answer, the chairman is ex police and a Magistrate)
It is told that the donations were in line with disposing of assets up to a specific value (this was later queried)

Further questions were put to the PCC such as,

  • Please can you show the public the bills of sale,and
  • Show links to theses ‘financial regulations’, and
  • Ask the Blood Bike Charity to clarify the ‘false report’


The PCC then lied changed his answer, saying there are NO specific vales defined in the financial regulations
Authority to ‘dispose of’ the motorcycle was given by the Head of Business Services
The motorcycle was ‘valued’ at £1,500 before being disposed of (in 2013), which mysteriously would be worth close to £4k now and up to £7k back in 2013!   – smells like fraud to me.


This is the email from Tim Ewen allegedly valuing the bike at £1,500


The OPP then says they do not have any bills of sale.  The OPCC should have access to ALL Financial records?

Clarification of disposal Links the the financial regulations were provided here (vague to say the least)


A further review has been asked for within the FOI.


Further to this, a formal complaint has been made against the Lancashire police Chief Constable.

Finally, the icing on the cake was when a complaint was made about the PCC, Clive Grunshaw to the official body for complaints, this being, Councillor Alistair Bradley.  His email address is Democratic services and I would urge you to email him and bring this page to his attention and ask for his rationale!  He is fully aware of the FOI request.

Councillor Alistair Bradley was provided with all evidence showing that there was evidence of possible fraudulent activity .  Even in light of all of the evidence, Councillor Alistair Bradley REFUSED TO EVEN RECORD THE COMPLAINT. Unbelievable.


Does this look like a £1,500 Motorcycle to you, year right.  Try £7,000!

And yes, this is Paul Brooks JP (ex cop) and Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw.


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