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We really do appreciate the number of visitors we have and the number of visitors who link to our articles on our website, but we ask that none of our articles are ‘republished’ without our permission as my articles are my copyright.

Sadly, one such website that has refused to comply is Caddington Village News, run by Patrick Smith (editor).  I will not link to the site to give the article thief any further traffic.

Patrick Smith of Caddington Village News posted a comment on my website, DEMANDING that I identify myself on the website, I have no idea why he was demanding this, but the demand was out of the blue.  He said that he identifies himself in his website, and therefore  demanded that I should do the same?

I decided to look at his website…. WOW, I thought I had stepped back to the 80’s, it is shit.

Still, I was annoyed that Patrick Smith of CVN claims to be some sort of ‘ethical’ editor even saying he is ICO regulated, steals my articles and when you try to copy them from his site, it says they are ‘his copyright!’

Patrick Smith was told in no uncertain terms to remove my articles from his website, but he refused, he then trolled the UKCP website with dozens of comments.

Patrick Smith hosts his website with Hosting Gator in the USA.  Patrick Smith browses the website with a VPN that puts him in Greece, his does not want to be tracked, but Patrick Smith has on two occasions visited our website (without activating his VPN) from a UK BT Internet address.

Now, Patrick Smith has sent me an email that was intended to go to a man named George Vella.  Patrick was asking Vella for legal advice to avoid copyright laws.  Patrick Smith said in his email (intended to go to George Vella)

All I have done is copied and placed his postings on my website. he has no copyright put up about his blog site I do have copyrights on my website and I control who can go into it from my own server. What do you advice Matey,?

For some reason, Patrick Smith has decided that he must troll me and must steal my articles, not sure why, I asked him to remove them and link to my website but he refused point blank unless I identified myself on my articles.

What the F**K has what I post go to do with this man!

Further research shows Patrick Smith of Caddington Village News, referred to as a self-satisfied parish councillor,  falsely accused a property developer of a £10m fraud has been ordered to pay libel damages.

A High Court judge ruled Mr Smith must pay £37,500 damages and granted an injunction against further publication.  Mr Vella is no stranger to the High Court Himself where he was ordered to pay £800 of my costs, so far, Vella has refused to pay.

Mr Justice Warby said of Patrick Smith,

the defendant was “big-headed, self-satisfied, unrepentant and lacks insight into the harm and distress to which his actions give rise”.

Read the full article about Patrick Smith here.

Legal action is now being considered against Patrick Smith for false defamatory comments he has recently posted they he knew were false.

Patrick Smith also appears to have assaulted and illegally detaining a man, Patrick Smith claimed the man was an illegal immigrant.  Read this story here.

Tons more articles about Patrick Smith, just google his name!


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