Corruption Edinburgh division, Police Scotland

Author: Brian Kitt

Dear readers here is my story…

On the 23rd of January 1979, my father was killed in a workplace accident that was not his fault, it was days after my 6th birthday.

In line with legislation at the time, extensive provisions were made for me as a result of my father’s accident and held in ‘trust” by Alan Mcdougall Solicitors of 3 Coates Crescent in Edinburgh. I was to receive the money, 20 years later on my 26th birthday.

After an extensive investigation, I discovered my brother Gary Kitt set up a mortgage consultancy company (A. B. C mortgage consultancy).  This operated from 457 Gilmerton Road in Edinburgh which was the home of my mother,  Jane Kitt & her policeman partner Mr Philip McCarthys.

My retired grandparents were listed as the directors (gran was a cook, grandad a joiner).

This was done 5 days before I was due to receive the monies on my 26th birthday, Alan Mcdougall Solicitors invested the monies into the mortgage company, it operated for a short period, then was closed down & my provisions were gone.

I reported the theft to Drylaw police Station in October 2014, 24 hours later all of the documents related to A. B. C mortgages were removed from the companies house database & police Scotland said I’d never been into Drylaw in the first place & there was no such company.

In March 2015, I was arrested & charged with extortion on an undertaking for sending text messages to the officer that stole my provisions asking for them to be put into my bank account. I was sent to see a social worker on the diversion from prosecution service & in June 2015 no further action was taken by the procurator fiscal. (the Scottish equivalent of the CPS)

In September 2017 I managed to get Police Scotland to take a statement at Gayfield Square police station & after a lengthy conversation with Sergeant Nick Young, he instructed constable Emma Mcnaughton to take my statement.

I heard nothing from constable Mcnaughton then on the 21st December she called and howelled with laughter down the phone saying “if we decide to do anything at all it could take us years“, she then hung up, I requested by email immediately she put into words what she just said on the phone & my request was ignored.

I complained to professional standards & inspector William Falconer was allocated to investigate my complaint.

Inspector Falconer came to my home with Sergeant Young and said to me if I retract my complaint against constable Mcnaughton he would sort out my stolen trust ASAP.

I received a letter from superintendent Richard Thomas saying that my complaint had been retracted.  Inspector Falconer did not fulfil his promise so I re-instated my complaint against constable Mcnaughton.

In his letter closing down my complaint & protecting colleagues Superintendent Richard Thomas said: “the above information confirms no monies were held in trust for you by Alan Mcdougall solicitors after 2011“.  I think everyone can see what that says!

I was also closed down by the Police Investigation & Review Commissioner (PIRC) without any investigation on their behalf.

Finally, in June of this year (2020), I was charged again this time with attempted extortion on an undertaking for sending two more letters requesting my stolen money back, the charges were reduced to using foul and abusive language by the procurator fiscal as there is no evidence of extortion whatsoever, my trial takes place on the 3rd March next year at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.


  1. What did you expect m8 its us against them ND they answer to no one its a police state or as close as it can be

  2. Good on u bri i hope someone that will b willing to take this on an destroy there pathetic reputations i am with u 100% i hate what they hav done but ur mother my god will she an her cronies b punished she obviously has no soul as with all involved god bless an help you in JESUS SWEET NAME xx

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