IS the Crime Commissioner covering for the Chief Constable?

Clive Grunshaw
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Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, has been asked under the FOI (Freedom of Information) for information relating to complaints made against the Lancashire Chief Constable  over the period 2016 & 2017.  This includes Steve Finnigan and Andy Rhodes.

The results of this FOI are published here:

Worryingly, there were allegedly 46 allegations contained within 25 separate complaints.

Of these complaints, only 15 were recorded (that means 10 of these were disregarded!)

Only 1 of these complaints was dealt with by investigation, 14 were fobbed off with Local resolution.

10 of the not upheld complaints were appealed, not a single complaint was upheld!

Not only that, within this FOI request, an individual has made a claim that he himself had made 7 complaints within the month of July 2017 yet the information released for this month is only 4 complaints.

The PCC has also refused to release any information about the category of the complaint, stating this may ‘identify’ the complainant!


This has now been reported to the ICO.¬† This post will be updated in due course…








  1. Friend of mine going through same problem with bent or corrupt police it all came from a neighbour dispute unfortunately for my friend this neighbour has family and friends in the police my friend made a complaint about bias failing to investigate disability hate crime disability discrimination being filmed inside her own bathroom with permission by the police we were threatend by family members of the neighbour needless to say all our complaints failed and appeals not upheld one complaint against police was put under subjudice but there were in fact no court proceedeedings no arrest no summons at that time at the end of my wisdom any ideas ?we cant afford judicial review so what can we do ?

  2. He has just asked the IOPC if he can rewrite a recording as it has errors and wants to reword it, ie it may be upheld but he wants the chance to change it to avoid that.Also he claims dealing with illegal data is not the chiefs problem, after 11 months that the force are working in a fast and professional way and laws says 21 days he believes 11 months is close enough not to see the need to do anything.


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