Darren Tate of Norfolk police confirms complaint outcome is imminent

A complaint was made to Norfolk police about the fact that a female (‘Angela’… a victim of police) was given unlawful bail conditions.

Simply put, the bail conditions intentionally prevented Angela from contacting her lawful McKenzie friend (Paul Ponting) who was also a witness for a civil hearing, brought against her by Norfolk police orrificer DS Matthew Abbs.

Due to the alleged unlawful bail conditions, Angela could not call her witness or produce her evidence bundle, so she had to withdraw from proceedings to her detriment and to the benefit of her ex-DS Matthew Abbs.

Mr Darren Tate, the investigating officer sent the following email today (5/11/21)

Good morning Mr Ponting,

Apologies for the delay, I have been away from the office.

I have completed my enquiries and have submitted my findings to the case management unit, you will be informed of my findings and your entitlements as soon as possible.

Kind regards Darren

D/Insp 4203 Darren Tate

Joint Professional Standards
Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies
NR18 0WW
Tel: 01953 425699 (Ext 2829)


It is alleged and evidence supports that the bail conditions were imposed intentionally to prevent Angela from succeeding in the civil case.  Norfolk police were well aware that Angela was using Mr Ponting as her McKenzie friend, and that Mr Ponting was a witness for her.

The police knew the witness would have likely destroyed the application brought against her by DS Abbs who has previously been reported for domestic abuse against Angela.

Norfolk police have insisted the bail conditions were lawful until Mr Ponting contacted the police, who then stated the following…

Dear Mr Ponting,

In relation to your email below and having conducted some further enquiries, I can confirm the following for your information.

Bail conditions were requested, but they were never applied or imposed; therefore there was/is no bail to prevent Ms Johnson contacting you.


Complaints Management Unit
Joint Professional Standards Department
Norfolk Constabulary,
Jubilee House, Falconers Chase,
Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0WW
Tel: 01953 424242 Ext 2819

Very strange, as the bail conditions that Angela got get were authorised by Superintendent Laura Hunt?

We wonder if the new Chief Constable of Norfolk police, Chief Constable Paul Sanford, is aware of the ‘shenanigans’ beneath his feet?

Paul Sanford recently spent three years coordinating the activity of the National Police Chief’s Council Violence and Public Protection Portfolio so hopefully, his skills will help identify how Angela has been the victim of repeat domestic abuse from DS Abbs and now a force led vendetta to [try to] shut her up.

Angela is still awaiting a charging decision for the alleged Malicious Communications, an offence that must be grossly offensive and untrue to be made out as a criminal offence. The allegation against Angela was brought about because she reported two police officers, DS Matthew Abbs and CI Aimee Abbs for breaching Covid guidelines.

Notice how the two reported offenders are Norfolk police officers, and suddenly, the victim who reported them is arrested and bailed.

Angela was voluntarily interviewed under caution, the material alleged to be criminal was put to her and she admitted what she did, but rejected it was in any way malicious as it was true.

Norfolk police attempted to get her to agree to a criminal caution (take a criminal record!) but, knowing she did nothing wrong, other than publish the truth about police, she rejected their ‘kind offer’  Now Norfolk police are stumped about what to do.

We know CPS has rejected the charging decision (so far) as police have tried asking Mr Ponting if he would be a police witness!

DPP Law in Liverpool has agreed to accept this case for a civil claim of completion.

We look forward to the complaint outcome which will be published in full.

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