Data breach by Chief Inspector Paul Almond from his time in Lancashire police

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I have been provided evidence of an email sent by what appears to be an ex police Chief Inspector that was sent to a huge list of people, discussing me with information he acquired from his ‘time in Lancashire police‘.  The email was defamatory and malicious!

The email is below and redacted.  The original was not redacted and sent to almost 400 non-police individuals but was addressed to Paul Brooks who is also an ex-Lancashire cop.  The email was sent from Paul Almond, believed to be an ex Chief Inspector.

This is the email (redacted)

This has been reported as a data breach to Lancashire police and to the ICO.

It has been reported to this page that he may work for a certain Airline who have been notified of potential GDPR breaches.


Paul Almond is now a blood Bike Rider, carrying CONFIDENTIAL PATIENT MATERIAL.

The malicious email was sent from his Blood Bike email account  It was also confirmed to be valid as the email footer contained the following information.

From his action, he has breached the charity constitution and will (or should) be dismissed of his voluntary services for risk to patient data.





Further information will be posted here in due course. If anyone has any information about Paul Almond, please send it to us at this website.


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