Data Breach Civil Claim against Bedfordshire police, when will they learn

After the recent article of a data breach, committed by Bedfordshire police, I have been accepted by a leading firm of Solicitors that will bring a civil claim against them.

The data breach is the responsibility of the Data Controller who is the Chief Constable, Garry Forsythe.

The data breach revolves around Bedfordshire police refusing to investigate a crime, committed by George Vella.

The Chief Constable, Garry Forsythe, was then the subject of a Judicial Review which he dug his heels in, causing me to spend around £12,000 in legal fees to pursue it.

After the High Court of London accepted my application, the Chief Constable realised the case was futile and he agreed by a legally binding, mutual consent order to review his police force decision not to investigate the criminal offence.

After failing to conform to the High Court consent order, Garry Forsythe faces contempt of court proceedings in which he has been formally put on notice.

And now, after all this resistance by Bedfordshire police to avoid their duty to investigate a serious crime, they divulge my personal information to a 3rd party without my knowledge or consent.

George Vella in his younger years

Ironically, Bedfordshire police were suckered into this by Lancashire police as the defendant, George Vella, has been confirmed (by Lancashire police) as being part of task force named Operation Malaya, and it is alleged that Lancashire police tried to use George Vella (and others) to frame me.  Now it has backfired and Lancashire police stuck their noses into a crime reported in Bedfordshire.

This goes to show how police forces stick together whatever the reason, even if it is to break the law.

Well, now the civil claim is underway, it will be completely transparent at every step of the way so the public can see how their taxes are being wasted by some police to cover their unlawful antics.

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