DC Harrison (nee Johnson) of Skelmersdale CID Perverts Course of Justice

Female Police officer 1092 DC Harrison (nee Johnson) of Skelmersdale CID intentionally perverted the Course of Justice by refusing to collect significant evidence that would have proven 100% a “victim of Police brutality” was not maliciously vexatiously prosecuted.

DC Harrison (nee Johnson) was the investigating Officer who was clearly controlled by a higher ranking officer, “like a puppet”, too cowardly to act on her own choices.  It is recorded that DC Harrison (nee Johnson) told the CPS prosecutor and the criminal defence Solicitor Kieran Fielding of Pearson Fielding Solicitors that she was “ordered to charge the [innocent accused victim] without taking CPS advice“, this order came from a senior officer!  DC Harrison (nee Johnson) also told Defence Solicitor (in the presence of the CPS prosecutor) that she would be very embarrassed to meet the “victim of a malicious prosecution” as DC Harrison (nee Johnson) knew the prosecution was wrong, this was before the verdict was even delivered?.  The CPS prosecutor, after the “not guilty” verdict was delivered, stated to the defence solicitor that the was the “correct decision” and that the CPS “would not have even run the case if asked for advice by Police..!”.

During the bogus investigation into the malicious allegations made up by the Police (saying the victim had assaulted them), it was believed to be fortunate for the innocent victim, that the incident was covered by CCTV footage of the Yew Tree Pub in Ormskirk.  The CCTV was confirmed to exist from known customers that it was recorded and had been played back to customers.

After the arrest, where the victim was assault and pepper sprayed, (witnessed by the victims wife and children), Police fabricated a story saying the victim had assaulted the Police.  Police were unaware it was captured on CCTV so they were informed of this by the victims parents .

Police failed to collect the essential CCTV evidence.  They had been told asked numerous times by the victim and his family to get the CCTV as the Pub Landlord would not give it to to the victim.  The Police made excuse after excuse that they could not get hold of the Pub Landlord (Lesley Baker who has since been warned for threatening to assault children).  DC Johnson’s excuse was the Landlord was out every time she went to the pub, even though it was OPEN EVERY DAY and he was there every day.

On interview, the victim told Police the CCTV would prove his innocence 100%.  DC Johnson said the CCTV had been ‘deleted’.  Lesley Baker (the Pub Landlord) was then drafted by Police to produce a false witness statement, fortunately, he was chucked out of court as an unreliable witness.

The victim, being a computer specialist told 1092 DC Harrison (nee Johnson) that he was a data recovery specialist and would be able to recover the footage to prove his own innocence.  DC Harrison (nee Johnson) said they would NOT give the ‘erased’ evidence to him (why, not?)  She promised to have Police IT experts look at it to try to recover it.  This NEVER HAPPENED and the victim was maliciously prosecuted without seeking CPS advice.  (The victim was fully acquitted by the Magistrates and seeking damages against Lancashire Police).

Please sign the petition to see a criminal investigation into DC Harrison (nee Johnson) actions.  click here to view the petition.

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