DC McTear of Cumbria PSD perverts the course of justice

Cumbria Police
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DC McTear of Cumbria PSD was requested to investigate an assault by DI Melvin of Lancashire Police.

DC McTear agreed that DI Melvin pushed me ‘with force‘ causing me to ‘step backwards‘ yet still said the Inspector has  ‘no case to answer’.

DC McTearThis is a clear case of the police protecting their own. Even across different forces.  The IPCC are investigation and will be given full access to this.

Within his report, DC McTear revealed DI Melvins comments from his (sworn statement) statement where he lied saying ‘I did not touch him’, a clear and blatant lie as proven on the video that my wife recorded below.  He in fact said, he put his hand up towards my shirt and I stepped backwards!

So, even though DI Melvin lied and DC McTear reported that he forcefully pushed me backward, why did the dodgy cop from Cumbria PSD dismiss the complaint that is clearly a criminal act of assault (‘a battery’).  As confirmed by an Inspector in the Met Police, this is at minimum, serious misconduct as DI Melvin has been proven to be intentionally lying!  Lancashire police force and cumbria police force are covering this up.  This is corruption.

During his investigation, DC McTear started looking into judicial case law..! (the stuff solicitors and judges use to determine cases at trial)

Case law is law developed by judges, courts, and similar tribunals, stated in decisions that nominally decide individual cases but that in addition have precedential effect on future cases.

DC McTear diverted from his job of an impartial investigator (where he inferred DI Melvin guilty of assault) to a defence layer trying to justify the actions of DI Melvin.

This investigation by Cumbria PSD into Lancashire Police was under advice of the IPCC.  The IPCC have been informed by way of appeal and a complaint with criminal allegations has now been made against DC McTear and a private prosecution has been applied for against DI Melvin for assault.

Ironically, the case law that DC McTear attempted to use to justify the assault by DI Melvin was actually case law that would be used to help secure a prosecution.  “Collins v Willcock (1984)

I am not claiming that this assault is crime of the century, this is a simply common assault with no injuries ‘a battery’.  It is STILL A CRIME.

What is very serious is the proven lying and the attempted cover up.

Assault at 33 seconds in.



  1. My situation is worse than i thought. My daughters previous gp falsified med records, replicated normal results, witheld abnormal results etc. Everything points to a neuroendocrine tumor. Legalised murder if she dies. Cumbria police helped the nhs to acheive this.

      • Phones hacked, email accounts accessed, proof stolen or erased from house and phones. Retired sergant Malcom hodgson from Penrith police and previous involvement in Hillsborough told me over 2yrs ago he thought my situation was a conspiracy when I asked for advice. He then suddenly reappears in my life, pushes for a ‘relationship’, then spends all his time trying to distract me from pursuing this, try’s to dissuade me from reporting issues to the police, gives me a hacked phone to use, proof which is hidden in my home go missing after I’ve had the locks changed when he’s the only person I’ve let in. He lets slip in front of my daughter that he knew what she’d written in txt msgs to her boyfriend. He then trys to persuade me to convince my 28yr old daughter to write a letter handing over control of her medical care/information, to him. She barely knows the man and he’s not next of kin. She has two living parents!! He then denies knowing where sergant t parkin lives when he’s just looked at his Facebook which states where he lives. Within walking distance. They worked together, live near each other yet Hodgson denies knowing this. Parkin is the sergant who refused to act when numerous crime/incidents and wilful neglect was reported to him then proceeded to cause further problems for my family. Maybe hodgson just likes being involved in conspiracies, maybe he misses being in the police!

        • Your an absolute barm pot. Stop spouting your shit. People were killed and hurt from hillsbourgh. Wtf do you know. Personally I think your a fucked update keyboard warrior with fuck all else to do. Stop messing with people’s lives and crawl back under your stone with the hope it crushes you.

          • …and you have no idea how far the police are prepared to go. You accuse someone of being a keyboard warrior…. yet this is exactly what you do to them. pot kettle black!

  2. I have found out recently that our situation is worse than i though (i had told my daughter the only mistake i made was underestimating how far theyd go. My daughter has just found out that her previous gp surgery falsified her med records, replicated normal results and witheld all abnormal results. Everything she has (results) points to a neroendocrine tumor. Deliberately left. Legalised murder if she dies, and the police have helped them

  3. Cumbria police ARE corrupt and then indulge in harrassment when crime is reported which they’ve done nothing about. Taped a sergant admitting ‘mistakes have been made’ re my family. What do they do then?? Rectify issues! No. The crime commisioner and the sergant report my youngest daughter to ‘safeguarding’ with completely inaccurate information so that she’ll be on social services ‘radar’. Disgusting that my 2 daughters and i have tolerated harrassment, criminal damage, threats to stab/glass my youngest, theft, burglary etc. Why did this start?? Because i went to the police due to wilful neglect of my eldest by the NHS who Cumbria police are clearly protecting. Alongside my antisocial neighbours who were previously well known to the police for their activities


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