DC Sean Cloherty investigated by the IPCC

Detective Constable Sean Cloherty
Detective Constable Sean Cloherty

Lancashire Police officer Detective Constable 3312 Sean Cloherty is currently under investigation by the IPCC and Cumbria Constabulary for a data breach which amounts to misconduct in a public office.DC Sean Cloherty Lancashire Police

Detective Constable 3312 Sean Cloherty

Detective Constable Sean Cloherty of Lancashire Police Special Branch, who lives in Ormskirk, blackmailed a member of the public who was a victim of harassment from a known Police Informer.

It is understood that Cloherty was ‘under orders‘ from senior officers who told Cloherty to contact the victim and warn him off from bringing complaints against the Police Informer.

This is the same Police Informer who had provided crucial information to Lancashire Police for a substantial drug conviction, and the same Police Informer that another Lancashire Police officer, DS Andy Langton provided information to about the victims children.

Notice how both officer are CID for Lancashire, more than just a coincidence!

This has resulted in a Police complaint against DC Sean Cloherty for blackmail which Lancashire Police claimed to have investigated but ‘dismissed’, not much of an investigation for such a serious crime.

It was later brought the to attention of the victim y a member of the public that the official Police Statement about the blackmail incident that was written by DC Cloherty, (on official Police Statement paper), was intentionally divulged to two members of the public known to the victim.

DC Sean Cloherty also warned the two members of the public (witnesses) after the investigation had commenced, to ‘expect a call from the police’ after he discovered the complaint was brought against him. This is a Police officer interfering with witnesses.

A further complaint was brought against DC 3312 Cloherty for a data breach of the victim which amounts to ‘misconduct in a public office‘.  The case has now been referred to the IPCC by Lancashire Police for investigation.  The IPCC have referred this to Cumbria Police to conduct a full and independent investigation.

DC Cloherty has denied the allegation however both members of the public have confirmed that they were shown an official police statement about the incident by DC Cloherty at a private meeting at a private address, thus proving DC Sean Cloherty to again, be lying.

The Police investigation was under the control of Inspector Charlie Cox, however, Charlie Cox (who also has a number of complaints against him) failed to interview any of the witnesses during the investigation resulting in a biased decision of NFA against DC Sean Cloherty resulting in the referral to the IPCC.


UPDATE (25/4/2016):

The IPCC have UPHELD this complaint and now have instructed to re-investigate which will be again reviewed by IPCC.


UPDATE 1/6/2016

A statement by DC Cloherty relating to the allegation he was witness tampering has an non surprising twist.   In relation to the member of public that he warned to ‘expect a call from the police’ was now this member of the public’s fault.  He has written in his statement that this member of the public actively questioned Cloherty which then left Cloherty with no option but to inform the member of the public that he was being investigated and that is why he warned him to ‘expect a call from the police’.

Is it possible that the Police are capable of telling the truth!

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