DCI Ian Whitehead defends rapist cop and child abuse cop

DCI Ian Whitehead
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So, you need the police to help you, avoid DCI Ian Whitehead like the plague.

Lets say you have been raped by a police officer, or lets say a police officer has taken private information about a 13 year old child and given it to a police informant who has previously threatened KILL that child…  You would be normal to think a Detective Chief Inspector of Lancashire police would want to prosecute both police officers for bringing the constabulary into disrepute?

…but not DCI Ian Whitehead

DCI Ian Whitehead actively PROTECTED two police officers in Lancashire police force from prosecution.  One was dismissed but faced no charges of rape!  The other was defended to the hilt and Lancashire police even refused to take DS Langton officer through a misconduct panel on advice from the IOPC.

A police officer (Andy Woodward, you may have heard his name!)  well he RAPED a female. Read about it below and read DCI Ian Whiteheads involvement as the ‘appropriate authority’.  There is soon to be a televised documentary relating to this.  I will announce the date once I am allowed to.

Evidence of Andy Woodward Rape Investigation


DS Andy Langton provided the personal details of a 13 year old child to a police informant (Paul Turner of Skelmersdale).  Paul Turner had previously received a police warning for threatening to kill this  child as well as this child’s sister and mother.  Paul turner posted this child information on the internet in a malicious manner.  Lancashire police refused to uphold the complaint! (wtf).  The IOPC upheld it and told Lancashire Police DS Landton must face a misconduct panel.  Lancashire police REFUSED to do this.  No action was taken against the police informant, Paul Turner for malicious communication or harassment.

IPCC rule DS Langton to face misconduct hearing over data breach of a child


Why does DCI Ian Whitehead SUPPORT rapists and SUPPORT child abuse?

If the offences were committed against his own wife or children, do you think the outcome would be the same?



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