Detective Inspector 216 Nick Gardner of Bedfordshire police faces corruption allegations

Nasty Nick supports false paedophile allegations against innocent men raising questions over is ability as a police constable.

Bedfordshire police

Detective Inspector 216 ‘nasty’ Nick Gardner of Bedfordshire police, has refused point-blank to investigate a criminal offence.  The reason is believed to be because the offender, Mr George Vella, is linked to Lancashire police. (confirmed by Lancashire police)

On being notified of the criminal offence, Bedfordshire police were told to ‘drop the case‘, by Lancashire police.  This is suspected as being due to the fact that George Vella is an operative to a Lancashire police task force, called Operation Malaya.

This link between Vella and Lancashire police was confirmed by the ex Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw.

The offence was that Vella created a sickening website calling an innocent man a paedophile and going on to create dozens of pages of grossly offensive comments and photographs.  The website was in public for 12 months and resulted in death threats against the innocent man.

Recently, another man was put in prison for repeating what George Vella had published, but Inspector Nick Gardner refused to investigate George Vella for what he did.

The offence of Malicious Communications is committed on sending (or publishing) the grossly offensive material, the victim does not need to see it, so in the case of Vella, the offence was committed when he created the sickening website.

Inspector Nick Gardner has written an email that essentially ‘blames the victim‘ for George Vella criminal actions.

A judicial review is underway to challenge the decision by Detective Inspector Nick Gardner.  His decision is so unreasonable that it is expected that his decision will be overturned by the High Court and this in itself will bring allegations of Misconduct against ‘nasty nick’.

Nick Gardner has also confirmed that his Chief Inspector also supports his decision, leading to allegations of corruption from above.


Nick Gardner has been offered a right to reply to this article

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