Detective Inspector Damian Barrow Protects Snitch

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Detective Inspector Damian Barrow of Lancashire CID was supposedly tasked with investigating a vicious internet troll.  This Troll had branded an innocent man (the victim),  a paedophile.

Detective Inspector Damian Barrow
Detective Inspector Damian Barrow

The victim had reported the troll to Police for posting dozens of malicious comments online calling him a paedophile.  The malicious posts on the internet even said that the victim had abused his own son.  The victim has told the Police he is aware that the troll is a Police Informer.   The victim told the Police this is the reason why the Police refused to investigate.  The victim knows the troll as he was a disgruntled ex-employee.

Detective Inspector Damian Barrow visited the victim at his work address.  Barrow told the victim, that the troll is “NOT a Police Informer“.   The victim told Barrow that he was fully aware the troll was a Police Informer and provided evidence.  The victim went on to tell Detective Inspector Damian Barrow that it was impossible for him to state this as he could never know.  The reason why?  Only a select few people know of any one specific Police Informer.  No one, certainly at the rank of Inspector, has knowledge of every Police Informer.  The only correct answer that Detective Inspector Damian Barrow could honestly have given to the victim was ‘yes, he is an Informer‘, or “I do not now if he is or isn’t“.

Detective Inspector Damian Barrow soon changed his comment to “I cannot conform or deny he is a Police Informer“.  He also told the victim that he was not privy to any information about Police Informants.  He emphasised that he was only there to investigate the malicious paedophile comment made by the Troll.  He also accused the victim of “watching to much TV”.

Detective Inspector Damian Barrow therefore refused to take a statement from the victim.  The reason he gave (incorrectly) was that it was “freedom of speech” therefore the Troll can call the victim a paedophile.

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Detective Inspector Damian Barrow asked the victim to remove his blog comments stating the Troll was a Police Informer.  He said this will have an impact on his investigation of the paedophile posts. As a result, the victim agreed to do this because Barrow had promised to investigate only if it was removed.

Detective Inspector Damian Barrow LinkedIn

The victim told Detective Inspector Damian Barrow that calling an innocent man a Paedophile is likely to see him targeted of violence.  Example were given to the two officers based on current news.

Detective Inspector Damian Barrow on LinkedIn

Since then, the victim has done some investigation.  He discovered that Detective Inspector Damian Barrow is (as declared on his personal LinkedIn page) a “Section, CID, PPU and various roles in the Counter Terrorism Branch including intelligence officer, surveillance, forensic audio recovery and database and covert asset management.

Notice, this clearly states his roles include “covert asset management

Checking on good old Google, we came across this BBC News article.

This explains that “Informants, or as they are now called, Covert Human Intelligence Sources, are covert assets

From this, it is clear that Detective Inspector Damian Barrow, does have involvement in Police Informers, or Covert Assets.  Barrow openly and intentionally lied to a victim of crime.  It was Barrows involvement with Covert Assets that was the reason he was drafted in to a Malicious Communication crime.  Lancashire Police had no intention of bringing charges against the Troll and went to great lengths to draft in a covert asset handler to ‘make this go away’

To date, Lancashire Police have still not brought any charges against the internet Troll.


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  1. I had problems with Lancashire Police since 2008.

    DCI Ian Whitehead,Superintendant Jenny Gomery and DCI Vicky Evans all of PSD have brused crimes Police committed against me under carpet.


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