Detective Inspector 3066 Abe George of West Midlands police says false paedophile allegations are a ‘low level’ crime

Bijan Ebrahimi

We have received an email in which, Detective Inspector 3066 Abe George of West Midlands police has made disturbing comments saying that the offence of calling an innocent man a paedophile is NOT a crime of Malicious Communications, contrary to the Malicious Communications Act 1988.

Detective Inspector George stated that the grossly offensive comment was not grossly offensive and that it was a ‘low level offence‘. Even though he his comment admitted it was an offence, he would not allow it to be investigated.

DI 3066 Abe George said;

This is a low level offence, the communication was private and the comments whilst undoubtedly upsetting to [the man], would not fall under the definition of being grossly offensive“.

Detective Inspector Abe George is either ‘lacking’ in the knowledge of the Malicious Communications Act, or he has a ‘tolerance‘ for paedophilia!  I find it difficult to believe that a Detective Inspector would not understand the Malicious Communications Act.

‘Blaser Mills Law’ say;

The Malicious Communications Act 1988 was also amended in 2015 and now states that, for the offence of “sending letters etc with intent to cause distress or anxiety”, so-called ‘internet trolls’ may now be sentenced to a term of up to two years imprisonment. (Blaser Mills Law)

Furthermore, the man threatened to spread this grossly offence malicious comment.

‘Corker Binning’ say;

‘Under Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 (“MCA 1988”) any person who sends to another person a message to another person that is indecent, grossly offensive, obscene or threatening/menacing and intending the message to cause the recipient distress or anxiety’. (Corker Binning)

Therefore, just the threat alone of spreading a false offensive comment is in itself, contrary to the Malicious Communications Act 1988;

A formal complaint is lodged with West Midlands police, and being handled by Brett Poulton of West Midlands police Professional Standards Department (PSD).  This relates to the conduct of DI Abe George.  The outcome will be published.

A Judicial Review application in now being prepared to overturn the decision of DI Abe George.

Someone tell Detective Inspector Abe George that FALSE paedophile allegations are a serious offence.

Bijan Ebrahimi was an innocent man who was failed by police.  Bijan Ebrahimi was falsely labelled a paedophile and though the failings of police, he was tortured and burned alive!

Two police officers,  Pc Kevin Duffy and PCSO Andrew Passmore were jailed for their failures over the death of Bijan Ebrahimi.

The intentional failure by DI Abe George is being treated as a ‘criminal act‘ which could easily have the same fatal outcome on another innocent man.


More to follow…

In line with our reporting obligations, West Midlands police have been asked for their comments on this article. DI George will have the right to reply via the police if he wishes.



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