Devastating phone call with a Lancashire police Superintendent released to the press

An audio recording of a secret meeting with a Lancashire police Superintendent has now been released to the national press.

In the recorded call, the Superintendent referred to himself as ‘I’m in my ivory tower‘ in relation to his superiority in Lancashire police.

The audio recording was produced as evidence against Lancashire police, in a civil case, brought by Lancashire police to stop officers being named on this website.

The recording as evidence was bizarrely refused to be listened to by the judge, (QC David Knifton) even though the recording was correctly submitted as evidence and accepted for trial.  The evidence is devastating to Lancashire police.

It is believed that the reason that Knifton refused to allow it is it would have served a devastating blow to Lancashire police, especially as one officer in attendance who is a compulsive liar, proven by the audio recording that has now been released.

QC David Knifton was more than aware of the glaring and devastating admissions by his alleged fellow Freemasons (the police), that led to him making the absurd decision not to play or even consider the audio recording (solid evidence) that would have, more than likely seen the police case fall apart.

The audio recording is over 4 hours long and has now been given to the press in the interest of justice and public interest.  It will  show the corruption that has been covered up by Lancashire police and the judiciary to protect a police informant (CHIS, Confidential Human Intelligence Source)

In the audio recording, the Superintendent makes admissions

  1. How Lancashire police failed to prosecute a known police informant (Paul Turner) for repeated offences.
  2. confirming Paul Turner created a malicious website ‘filled with hate’ about Mr Ponting.
  3. What Paul Turner posted about Mr Ponting was ‘distasteful and criminal’ and ‘dangerous’  (Yet, no prosecution of Turner by police).
  4. How, Turner calling Mr Ponting a paedophile is the WORST THING EVER (but no police prosecution)
  5. How he ‘could’ present a file of evidence to CPS to put Mr Ponting in ‘a terrible light‘.
  6. Confirmed that evidence of Paul Turner making death threats of Mrs Ponting and her children was incorrectly deemed ‘hearsay’ by Lancashire police.
  7. He said ‘in hindsight, we should have locked Turner up and seized his computer‘.
  8. Confirmed that the sexual assault of Mr Ponting was an ‘intimate search’, and was not allowed. Thus confirming a sexual assault.
  9. Said if Turner came into custody, police would use gloves (inferring he was not clean)
  10. Confirmed that the comments made by Paul Turner online were ‘grossly offensive’ (criminal offence of Malicious Communications)
  11. Said that Mr Ponting’s attackers from the West Midlands are ‘muppets‘.
  12. Confirms he (The Superintendent) was directly involved with the attackers in the West Midlands.
  13. Confirms how letting police informants off from a prosecution is at at ‘JUDGES LEVEL’.
  14. Confirms that an inspector, assigned to investigate the harassment by Turner was in fact the ‘asset manager for Lancashire‘.
  15. Confirms police should encourage complaints.
  16. Says it is nonsense that people ‘high at his level‘ are corrupt (Superintendent).
  17. Says conspiracies theories against the police are nonsense.
  18. How a Lancashire Sergeant screwed up an arson investigation but only received words of advice.
  19. How police failed to get forensics to the arson crime scene for 30 days!
  20. How Paul Turner was talking nonsense because he was ‘high on steds‘.
  21. Says it is natural for bobbies to protect themselves and their jobs!
  22. Says “we [the police] have messed up big style. I will admit that
  23. Says that “these are really nice people” (Mr and Mrs Ponting)
  24. Says Turner, ‘assisted by the police’, is ruining your life!
  25. Says he believes if he (a superintendent) was unethical, a junior bobby would ‘blow him out tomorrow‘ (rat on him)!
  26. Says junior cops would love to blow the whistle on senior cops and there are some many mechanisms to allow them to do it.
  27. Says they would be thrown to the wolves if they protected a police informant!
  28. Says they ‘fucked up‘ about not getting forensics to examine the post that the arsonist touched!
  29. Says we bet Paul Turner is miserable, he is on steroids and ‘this, that and the other‘ and unemployed.
  30. Says he has empathy for Mr and Mrs Ponting.
  31. Says he could joke with the Sergeant investigating the arson saying ‘why didn’t you ger the post fingerprinted
  32. Says the arson investigating officer will ‘get words of warning advice‘ for his failures.
  33. Says he has never met anyone so ‘upset’ as the Pontings and that they had every right to be.
  34. Says this website is a ‘highly effective tool’ – but not harassing. (no wonder police wanted it removed)
  35. How a females officer went off sick.  The same officer, on oath said her illness was wholly attributed to Mr Paul Ponting when the Superintendent had made it 100% clear, the officer was ‘already very ill‘, and her illness was ‘nothing to do with said person‘ in fact, was attributed to a blazing argument she had with her Inspector.
  36. Says it was a ‘financial decision’ not to charge Mr Ponting’s attackers (it was from the public purse)
  37. Says sadly, Paul Turner is an innocent man because ‘we [Lancashire police] failed to prosecute him’!
  38. Says the force will not be apologising for stuff.
  39. The superintendent says Paul Turner is a ‘gobby stead head
  40. How nothing on this website is an absolute lie…


No wonder the judge would not allow it to be played.

The civil case was brought against Mr Ponting by Lancashire police.  Lancashire police were completely unaware of the audio recording when they brought their case, it was only submitted in a defence bundle.  Oddly, at the hearing, the judge refused to hear the evidence.

The claim against Mr Ponting was brought by a minion rank (an Inspector), many ranks lower than the Superintendent whos comments prove a number of lies, so, QC David Knifton did what he had to do, and refused to even hear it!  Mitigating his silly decision was that the comments of the SENIOR POLICE OFFICER were ‘hearsay’, yet, QC David Knifton actually allowed one officer to submit live ‘hearsay’ evidence even when she admitted, on oath, it was ‘hearsay’.

QC David Knifton made it very clear he supported the Freemasons, criticising Mr Ponting for his views on the Freemasons.  QC David Knifton is a part-time judge and a full-time fee-earning Barrister.

David Knifton, in his full-time job as a barrister, has publicly declared that the police are private paying clients of his yet, David Knifton failed to disclose this conflict of interest when he sat as a judge.


** Any other mainstream media outlet who want a copy of the recording is welcome, please contact the website, from a recognised media email account. **


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