Did Police give Paul Turner an OSMAN warning

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An Osman warning is a ‘threat to life’ notification. (Notice of threat to personal safety)

Paul Turner is a police informant from Skelmersdale who has previously threatened to kill my wife and children (10 and 12 years old at the time).  What a tough guy Paul Turner is.

DS Andy Langton of Lancashire police provided Paul Turner with sensitive information about my 13 year old child the following year after the Turner, the police snitch threatened to kill my kids.  Paul Turner took this private and sensitive information and posted it on the internet putting the welfare of my childs in serious risk.

Lancashire police were notified of what had happened and did absolutely nothing to help.

A complaint was made to the police who did not uphold it. Yes, that is true, they stood by DS Andy Langton putting a child in risk of harm and stood by a Police snitch posting information about a child on the internet.

The complaint was appealed to the IOPC who UPHELD IT.

The IOPC confirmed this a serious breach of personal data of a CHILD by DS Langton of Lancashire police and instructed Lancasire police that DS Landton must face a misconduct panel as the offence was so serious.  Lancashire police refused to do this and to this day, DS Andy Langton has never been held to account. The IOPC say they cannot force the police to do anything, which begs the question, what is the point of the IOPC!

DS Andy Langton ‘claims’ (and this is utter bullshit) that he was giving Paul Turner a threat to life notification (an osman warning).  Further investigations proved that DS Andy Langton is a lying shit as this was an utter lie.  DS Andy Langton did not follow any procedure for giving an osman warning to Paul Turner.

What DS Andy Langton did do was contact Paul Turner on a ‘personal level‘ and blab about my family to him.  DS Andy Langton is believed to be Paul Turners police informant handler which is no surprise.

DS Andy Langton intentionally lied while acting as a police officer, a serious offence as determined by the IOPC.

If DS Langton did give Paul Turner an osman warning as he claims, then there must be a formal record of the osman warning…. of course, there wasn’t.  Lancashire police covered up DS Andy Langtons actions.


DS Andy Langton lied and Lancashire police supported the lie by refusing to hold him to account as per IOPC directions.  I wonder why.

This is an Osman warning. 

Notice how in this video  NO personal information is given to the person supposedly at risk.  Notice how there is a formal record and it is signed.  Lancashire police did none of this.


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