DS Andy Langton fails to investigate harassment by Paul Turner

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This is an audio recording of a conversation with DS Andy Langton blagging victims of a police informant, Paul Turner.

The basic facts of this are:

Paul Turner was sacked from a business over 6 months before this recording.
After being sacked, Paul Turner wanted revenge so called the owner and threatened to kill his wife and children.
Lancashire police didn’t charge him with threats to kill, oh no, they gave him a ‘harassment warning’.
A few months later, out of revenge Paul Turner made bogus health and safety reports against two shops owned by his ex employers.
These bogus reports a HARASSMENT but lancashire police refused to even investigate.
DS Langton even stopped DC Pearch from investigating.

There are dozens more recording like this being released over the coming weeks.  These recording are evidence of Lancashire police perverting the course of justice.



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