DS Matthew Abbs under criminal investigation but is he being protected by Norfolk police?

The husband of Chief Inspector Aimee Abbs is under criminal investigation for allegations of stalking.

DS Abbs
DS Abbs

I have written two articles about recent incidents relating to DS Matthew Abbs.  One is that he and his wife (Chief Inspector Amie Abbs) breached Covid rules (allegedly covered up by Norfolk PSD), the second article I wrote was about him allegedly stalking his ex-partner after I wrote the Covid article.

DS Matthew Abbs is under Criminal Investigation for this stalking allegation against Angela – (the name is changed).

DS Abbs has persistently and falsely attributed articles (that I wrote) to his ex-partner, and as such, knowingly created a false statement which he submitted to the courts without notice to have injunctive measures imposed on Angela.

DS Abbs made it crystal clear in his falsified statement that he was a police officer, the courts, therefore, granted his application even though not a shred of evidence was submitted.

DS Abbs failed in his legal  ‘duty of candour‘ to notify the Courts that he is under criminal investigation for stalking the same person!

Furthermore, another criminal allegation has been made against DS Matthew Abbs for Computer Misuse after our website was unlawfully accessed and 28 unpublished drafted documents were made public.  Two of these documents were then conveniently used by DS Abbs in another false allegation against Angela.  The same Angela that DS Abbs is under investigation for stalking.

The documents in question were made public on or about 26th March 2021 and mysteriously reverted to ‘unpublished’ on 1st April 2021.  The timing of this is of significance as it aligns with a court hearing.

DS Abbs has also now been accused of accessing Angela’s private information from police records.  Personal information that has otherwise never been disclosed, was mentioned in his statement which can only have been obtained by a ‘snooping’ police officer.

It is therefore alleged that DS Abbs, or a colleague on his behalf, unlawfully accessed his ex-partners personal information from police systems.  The ICO will be notified.

DS Abbs also has a string of domestic abuse allegations against him.  Such allegations are still under investigation but Norfolk police seem determined to make them go away.

DS Matthew Abbs and wife CI Aimee Abbs

DS Matthew Abbs is married to Chief Inspector Amie Abbs of the same police force.  It is suspected that he is afforded police bias due to his marriage to this senior police officer.

Due to the nature of the allegations against Abbs, the courts gave jurisdiction to Norfolk police to have the injunctive measures on his ex-partner immediately discharged.

In an email response to Angela from a John McGuire of Norfolk police, he states (in so many words), that they will not be getting involved.

I have reminded John McGuire that I was the author of the articles, not Angela and that the articles are factual and lawful and that DS Matthew Abbs had seemingly falsely attributed them to his ex for vexatious reasons.

I am awaiting the response from John McGuire and would hope that he will undertake his duty entrusted on him by the Courts to have the order discharged on the invitation of the courts.

The injunctive measures prevent Angela from blogging about DS Matthew Abbs.

Angela is not blogging about Mr Abbs, (or at least, not on our website).  The injunctive measures are therefore pointless and vexatious.

I have given Norfolk police, Cambridge police, DS Matthew Abbs, Chief Inspector Amie Abbs the Right to Reply.

Both constabularies replied and neither made any suggestion the articles were not factual.

Neither Chief Inspector Amie Abbs or DS Matthew Abbs have (so far) contacted us to give their comments.  If they wish to do so, their comments will, if they want, be published to ensure fair and ethical journalism.


John McGuire has responded;

In relation to the responsibilities for my team. We provide necessary and relevant information to the Courts in response to the Orders we receive. The Constabulary is not party to the proceedings and our role and duty is limited to the provision of information that exists at the time the Court Order is received. This includes allegations and investigations relating to criminal matters. We offer no opinion and exert no influence. This process is undertaken without prejudice or favour towards any individual(s). I have copied my Team into this email so they are aware of our correspondence when servicing the Court Order.

John McGuire
Information Compliance Manager
DBS and CLPD Chief Officer Delegate


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  1. This is disgusting behaviour by the police , it’s all about you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours their attitude towards the public should be made a criminal offence punishable by way of a very large fine and imprisonment and barred from ever joining the police force and any security job for life

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