EXCLUSIVE: DS Rick Jones 1512 of Nottingham police dismissed retrospectively but no police vetting and no media?

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Detective Sergeant 1512 Rick Jones of Nottingham police retired from his police role in 2019 after 30 years of service.

In the same year, Jones took up a civilian staff position in Nottingham Professional Standards Department (PSD).  PSD is the department within the police force that internally investigates complaints against its own police officers.

Back in 2010, whilst he was a serving police officer, Jones was charged with shoplifting from the Asda Grantham store and was on trial at Grantham Magistrates Court but found not guilty.  It is understood that Jones defence to the criminal allegation was ‘work-related stress‘ as he was apparently on his phone to work as he wandered out of the shop with a trolley full of unpaid goods.  This was accepted and he was acquitted.

In 2015, a criminal investigation took place against Jones for Malicious Communications against an innocent man, again, police took No Further Action (NFA)

In 2016, a sexual abuse allegation was made against Jones by a female.  The police took no action and Jones continued in his role as a police officer.

In 2018, Jones applied for the National Crime Agency, he used Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Broadhead of St Annes police station, Nottingham as a police reference.  He also used the Nottinghamshire police HR department as a further reference.

Jones retired from the police force in 2019 after 30 years of service.  He re-joined their PSD as a civilian staff worker.

This is a characterture of Jones created by his work colleagues as a retirement gift (provided by a police source). In the sketch, his colleagues included a supermarket trolley to relate to the shoplifting incident and containing fans he was alleged to have stolen from police headquarters.

In 2020, another sexual abuse allegation was made against Jones by a police work colleague.  An investigation took place and introduced the disregarded allegation from 2016. The police went on to seek a charging decision from the CPS who decided to take No Further Action (NFA) against Jones.

On 21st April 2021 at 6:30 am, neighbours reported that the police raided the home of Rick Jones at The Meadows, Long Bennington, Newark, Nottinghamshire and he was arrested.  His home and vehicles were searched.

On 5th May 2021, Jones resigned from the Nottingham police Professional Standards Department.

On 26th May 2021,  Jones was brought before a Misconduct Pane which took place in Nottinghamshire police HQ. The panel found that the allegations brought against Jones were proven, and the panel sanctioned that had Jones not already resigned, he would have been dismissed.

Email from the police


Although Rick Jones was subject to a Misconduct Hearing and dismissed retrospectively, Nottinghamshire police have not published this hearing or outcome on their public page (link opens in a new window)  https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/access-information/misconduct-hearings

Jones was also added to the College of Policing Barred list, but there is no reference to him on the list, possibly due to him being police staff.

Nottinghamshire police were asked to comment.  Although they did respond to our request asking for the deadline of the publication (which was provided), they failed to provide any further detail.

The College of Policing was asked to comment but did not respond.

If you have any information regarding Mr Jones and want to contact us with confidentiality guaranteed, please contact us via email.



Article by: Paul Ponting



  1. The Chief Constable when Rick Jones would have been accused/reported for rape/sexual assault in 2016 would have been Susannah (Sue) Fish. Sue Fish was Deputy Chief Constable prior to 2016 for a number of years, then acting Chief Constable 2016-2017. She runs a consultancy now, and does an awful lot of media work talking about misogyny in policing and how male officers exploit their positions to gain sexual favours from public and female staff. She has been rolled out quite a bit recently to be interviewed on the Met Police David Carrick story. She is a duplicitous liar, and a very dangerous one at that, as she oversaw a lot of abuse of women in Nottingham at the hands of Nottinghamshire Police when they reported male abuse to the police, including signed statements being thrown away, and false PSD investigations to cover up the problems. No one can be trusted in policing, male or female. Sue Fish is a hard-faced liar when it comes to talking about her policing days, and she is grooming a lot of people into the notion that she was challenging these issues. She was not, she was providing cover-up and complicity for them. Without doubt she had power to have Rick Jones investigated and charged in 2016, but she seems to have not, thus leaving him free to offend again, and have recommendations for a job at the NCA. A female chief constable makes no difference to the rapey culture.

    • That’s a big allegation to produce on a public forum.
      But it’s quite a baseless allegation too.

      How do you propose to back up your theory.

      What makes you believe Sue Fish even got to hear about this case in 2016? Not everything reaches the high rankers! As you should know ?

      As far as the general public are concerned all the do gooders comments come out when it’s too late.

      If you cannot back up what you say then don’t comment at all.

  2. This is interesting as the police part investigated a fraud-theft case that I reported. They then dropped it on the grounds of ‘insufficient evidence’, yet it presents/I found that they sent ‘insufficient evidence’ to the forensics (i have asked who authorised the forensics submission but they would not reply).

    The point of stating this in response to this article is that the Detective Chief Inspector on my case (who went on to take a document from my home without my knowledge or consent, and did not deny when I wrote to him about it) left the police and also headed of into the sunset of the National Crime Agency. After reading this article, the question arises; is the National Crime Agency the ‘slop bucket’ for such people?

    Back to my case, ….the police have not given full right to reasoning for dropping my case, despite being pledged by the previous Chief Constable, they did not investigate where they said they would and withhold documents to allow me to seek proper justice myself. I said to the Detective Chief Inspector ‘You are protecting the criminals from the victims’ and i believe that to be the case as it involves other parts of the establishment.

  3. Sounds like Drugs ..!

    Will be interesting when press start investigating ..it confirms all our suspicious Corruption is rampent within the force only those higher up know about it !
    And want to keep it that way ..!

    • The press has already been in contact and I know the police have made some enquiries, it is just whether those enquiries are to help the victims or try to cover up this story?

  4. Wow, no wonder they wanted this one kept ?. Shame on them for turning a blind eye and letting him continue for so long. Great reporting the public have a right to know.

    • Thanks for the comment and yes, they did turn a blind eye, not dissimilar the Wayne Couzens who murdered his victim, Sarah Everard!

  5. I just love the fact that his colleagues clearly were not impressed with him, that characterture would be a big seller in that area if I had anything to do with it. Management obviously look to minimise the events surrouding this officers history but the internet is not a place to try to hide! Good reporting, good accountability even if it was late in the day.

    • It appears management covered lots up, there is far more information than I am reluctant to make public yet but stay tuned, Mr Jones appears to have many dark secrets.

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