Evidence of Andy Woodward Rape Investigation

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Many news reporters have contacted this website asking for evidence that Andy Woodward was investigated for a rape allegation.

I am providing this here in the view that it will lead to a fair and thorough investigation into the allegations made not only by the rape victim, but also the children associated to the sexual and inappropriate comments made by Andy Woodward to a 14 year old girl, and also an investigation into the 4 other victims of sexual assault alleged against Andy Woodward.

Andy Woodward may well have had a troubled past, but this does not give him the right to do the same to others.  He has appeared on many TV programs crying saying victims need to be heard, yet, not one mention of the evidence presented here, his own victim not getting heard!

I am calling for Andy Woodward to back down from the media.  You have started the ball rolling, you are no longer required, others have also come out, your work is done now stand down and answer to the allegations against you.  Let your victims be heard!

Notice how the Appropriate Authority in this case is DCI Ian Whitehead, the same person who has an active complaint against him for failure to investigate properly in a totally different case… read here

It is important to note, Andy Woodward was arrested for this offence however no charges were brought.  This does not mean the alleged rape did not occur as a few trolls have stated, there are many reason why charges may not be brought including a poor investigation (this site is about just that).  It could also be swayed by the fact Woodward was a serving Detective with Lancashire Police with a known history and that would raise a few questions.  Lancashire Police are currently under investigation for many other things, please review all articles on this site.

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