Evidence of a possible abduction attempt in Ormskirk linked to Operation Malaya

On the 1st May 2019, there was an RTA.  The vehicle involved was a female from Ormskirk.

The male driver of the vehicle causing the crash identified his name as ‘Mohamad’ and was black african.

The vehicle he was driving was a battered white Mercedes sprinter van.  The driver failed to provide any insurance details.  He told the victim he was a delivery driver and his van was full of deliveries.

The driver called the van owner who then spoke with the victim.  The van owner told the victim he did not want the insurance or police involved.  Again no insurance details were provided so the registration number was noted as well as photos and video recordings.

A business name was mentioned on the phone call by the van owner, this name was used by the victim to trace the vehicle to an address in the West Midlands which happened to be on a road ‘known to the victim‘ as the location of a convicted man who was enrolled by Lancashire police in Operation Malaya.

What a coincidence, 66 million people in the country and the vehicle that crashed into the victim is registered to an address 100 miles away that is within 100 yards of the criminal who has been convicted for previously attacking the same victim.

Over the following days, the victim received a number of disturbing phone calls initially from the van driver and then the owner.

The first call was from the driver, Mohamad.  He told the victim he was out delivering, say he delivers all over the country.  The victim asked where he was going at the time of the accident, and he said “I was going to Liverpool”, even though he was heading towards Ormskirk from Southport.  He tried to pressure the victim to keep this away from the insurance but this was too late and already reported to the insurance.

Later another phone call was received, this time the van owner, identifying himself as ‘Michael’.  The man spoke with a distinct African / Nigerian accent.  This man told the victim they actually bought and sold vans and this one had just been fixed and was on a long journey road test.  So, not a delivery van or delivery driver.

What a coincidence, a van repair company in Wolverhampton sending a van on a ‘test drive’ to Ormskirk.

After the victim told the owner that the driver had said he was a delivery driver, the owner then said, oh, he was delivering something in that area and was there to ‘pick someone up‘.  He suggested he as picking someone up from Blackpool…. the total opposite direction..!

Due to the suspicious address, a name was dropped by the victim in both calls.  This was the name of a person who was convicted of harassment against the victim.  The same person was also a suspect in an arson attack at the victims home.  The arson attack triggered a police check on a vehicle in the area at the time from Wolverhampton, but police said it did not pan out.

So, when the name was dropped on the first call to the driver, he confirmed this person ‘was associated to the company‘, this was confirmed twice on the same call.

On the second call with the van owner, the same name was dropped. The owner confirmed the named person did some ‘off the record’ work for the company and undertook some vehicle engine repairs.  He confirmed the named person was a mechanic.

The named person by some strange co-incidence posted an article on his Facebook page about ‘car issues’.  This was removed after police in West Midlands were notified of the overall incident, even though West Midlands police disregarded the email from the Victim, the timing was impeccable.

The named person was said the do engine repairs for the van owner.  The named person is advertising an ‘engine crane’ on facebook.

Finally, the named person has persistently attacked the victim. The victim has reported him to the police dozens of times and no action has been taken.  The strange thing is, Lancashire police are known the have created whats been described as a ‘secret task force’ called Operation Malaya.  The task force has been confirmed to exist by Clive Grunshaw, the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner but he was unable to ascertain the identity of the officer who started the task force.  Lancashire police have confirmed it exists and formally linked it to the man in the West Midlands who is linked the the white van who crashed in Ormskirk.

Operation Malaya has been said to be a task force created to ‘FRAME’ a relative of the victim.

There seems to be a disturbing link between Lancashire police, a police informant and also known criminals in the West Midlands who are working with Lancashire police.

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