Evidence of corruption in Lancashire police shown by top solicitor

Checkout this blog by one of the UK’s leading ‘Action Against Police’ solicitors, Iain Gould of DPP LAw, in Liverpool

Iain, who successfully sued Lancashire police on my behalf for £35,000 highlights how Lancashire police abused the complaints process (corruption) to avoid an investigation in to criminal allegations against police officers (perverting the course of justice)

That is TWO criminal offences, highlighted by one of the UK’s leading solicitors in his field, and even then, police just refuse to take any notice.

A quote from Iain Gould “At the present time, almost four and a half years later, the Pontings have still received no satisfactory resolution to their complaint, although thankfully their civil compensation claim has been successfully completed, as part of which the Chief Constable wrote a personal letter of apology to Mr Ponting. None of the Police officers involved in Paul’s arrest, assault and strip- search have faced any disciplinary action whatsoever.

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  1. i have problem helping someone brothers cold case now its become clear that don’t want to know now because of bent police not only that i have work out theirs three more police that being covering due to gay police man back in 80s who was going with guy i was trying to point to who may have some think to do with there brother murder..not only that its gone ever bigger to a point were i had friends have being murder on top of one murder ..not only that before i left 10 years ago i believe i was next..not only that the brother thinks its do do with C.I.D that are into the Freemasonry from the 80s..new police who i thought i could trust i think there the same sticking together so the police back then doesn’t come on top..for them on the news…

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