Evidence that Charita Jones (Momma Cherri) is lying about criminal activity on her website – Ignored by Sussex police

Charita Jones who uses the name ‘Momma Cherri’ would say she had nothing to do with the Malicious Communication targeting me on her website

Her response to me (from my facebook account in my real name) is above.

Firstly lie

I don’t know who you are

Second lie

My site was hacked a few times

Her second comment (above) affirms that since the attack, she has a new website.

After I did some investigation of her website, I proved to her that her website was under the control of a convicted Cyber Criminal, Kyoji Mochizuki (aka, Taz Ryder) and that it still is at the time of writing and after she has a new website.

Momma Cherri then made a few unintended admissions that I prove she is lying.

First admission – Momma Cherri says,

“I am aware of the troubles between the two of you”

This shows that Momma Cherri does indeed know who I am as she confirms she knows I have a dispute with Taz Ryder, her website provider.

Second Admission – Momma Cherri says

“He [Taz Ryder] is no longer associated with my website or company”

This is clearly a lie as the website is still hosted by Taz Ryder and the names servers (and other info) proves it is still on the same server, which is provided by Taz Ryder and his company Ackerworx.

Secondly, Momma Cherri is aware of a ‘dispute’.  This dispute is criminal offences committed by her website host provider.  The dispute with Taz Ryder ‘just happened‘ to be published on her website and she confirms she was not aware yet confirms it was hacked.  Odd that she would know it was hacked without even looking at it.

Momma Cherri is clearly trying to now distance herself from the issue, this is convenient as she is only doing this now that I have called her out and will be making a YouTube video on this very soon.

3rd Admission – Momma Cherri says

“If Mr Ryder did it, it was without my knowledge or consent”

But in her next comment she clearly says Taz Ryder didn’t do it, she even proclaims to know that the hack came from Russia.

So she says, if it was Taz Ryder, he did it without consent (i.e., a criminal offence), but then says he didn’t do it.

Considering Taz Ryder has criminal convictions for Cybercrime https://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/crime/county-news-man-sentenced-for-cyber-attacks-on-police-contact-centre-869728 and is a self-proclaimed ‘hacker, how could Momma Cherri says with any certainty that he did not do it.

Momma Cherri has been made aware (and provided with evidence) of the threats of child abuse allegations by Taz Ryder including what would appear to be a suggestion he has child abuse pictures he is intending to distribute, and that he has sent indecent pictures.

Sussex Police have all the evidence, as do the Courts.

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  1. Well done Paul for sticking at this. ALL criminal activity should be investigated, and all the more so when it forms part of a bigger story that involves police corruption.

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