Ex Lancashire police officer Paul Brooks THREATS of violence – Covered up by Lancashire police and Markel Law

Paul Brooks is an ex Lancashire police officer.  He was also the Chairman of North West Blood Bikes Charity (‘NWBB’), and, a Lancashire Magistrate.

Today, 2nd August 2022, I have received validated evidence from the legal representative of NWBB (Mark Rankin), that Paul Brooks committed several criminal offences that were covered up.

The following are transcripts provided by Mark Rankin, who is protecting the NWBB charity.

Paul Brooks threatened to ‘floor’ me if he sees me again, and emphasises he will (we shall see)

Paul Brooks then threatened to come to my house (with the intent of violence)

Paul Brooks threatened to follow me, and catch me off while I was unaware.

Further transcripts will be released after further analysis.

The public have a right to know how a supposed ‘charity’ that is supposed to protect life, condones threats of violence against volunteers who speak freely about the corruption within the charity management.


It is important to note that so far, NWBB has done everything in their power to try to prevent the above audio recordings from being released (a criminal offence).

Now a 42 page (partly redacted) transcript has been provided by Mark Rankin, and due to the contradictions of the data breach, the audio recordings will now be subject to an application for a court order for their release.

The costs of this application and proceedings will be claimed from NWBB, advice is currently being take from Counsel.

The public need to apply pressure to the charity, forcing them to release the audio in the interest of justice and to protect the charity funds (public donations) from the criminals who are abusing the money to protect themselves.

that the charity insisted that there was NO information about me in the recordings and I had to use legal action to get them to respond.  The transcript now proves that the charity committed a criminal offence, contrary to s173 of the Data Protection Act 2018.

A private prosecution is now underway and permission from the Director of Public Prosecutions (‘DPP’) has been requested, I am awaiting this decision which will make public if the CPS intend to prosecution for a crime that has been made out and is within UK Legislation.

The charity has intentionally and knowingly put me in harms way, knowing that a crazed, power hungry, ex-Lancashire police officer (and magistrate) has made a threat to do me harm.  Another member of the committee also made threats of violence which is being investigated.  Both threats are common assault (A criminal offence), and neither the charity or the police took the threats seriously.

In fact, the threats were intentionally covered up by the NWBB charity trustees and committee.  Lancashire police are also complicit as they gave personal advice to Paul Brooks, which was to just ignore me when I have reported Paul Brooks for Malicious Communications, and offence that was later admitted by Paul Brooks though the criminal offence was not investigated by Lancashire police and hte admission was after the statue of limitation had expired.

The charity has confirmed in the now released transcript that Paul Brooks brought the charity into serious dispute. Against the constitution, they did not take any action against him even though he was a serving Lancashire Magistrate.  A comment by another charity trustee was they didn’t want to get Paul Brooks in trouble as he seemingly provides them with BEER.

Paul Brooks intentionally left the judiciary when an investigation into his conduct was underway.

Rather than admit wrongdoing, the Charity have spent an unknown amount of charity donations instructing Mark Rankin of Markel Law to defend (and cover up) the criminality that has now been uncovered.

Mark Rankin – Markel Law

Mark Rankin knew, or ought to know his clients were intentionally concealing personal data (a criminal offence).

Mark Rankin chose to assist them committing the criminal offences while taking a payment from the Charity for his work.

Further legal action is underway.  Lancashire police are also notified of the offences and their involvement.


  1. Maybe you should visit southwest Somerset.cops here are busting dealers but selling on their stash.my car was involved in a hit an run with a speeding cop car with no sirens or lights.i chased after him and got him admitting it on audio.i reported it to the police and sent my clip to hq.well what do I know I’ve still not heard back.its a bloody year in october.

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