ex Lancashire police Sgt Jason Marsden to fight misconduct ruling

A former police sergeant who “lost control” while dealing with an arrested woman who later died will appeal against a gross misconduct ruling.

Jason Marsden was working as a custody sergeant for Lancashire Police when Kelly Hartigan-Burns, 35, was brought into a police station in Blackburn.

She was put in a cell later but was later found unresponsive and pronounced dead in hospital in December 2016.

A misconduct panel found he had failed to properly assess Ms Hartigan-Burns.

The 35-year-old, from Darwen, had been arrested over an alleged assault but had earlier tried to take her own life, the independent disciplinary panel hearing was told.

A jury at an inquest into her death found if police “had shown more compassion” over her detention “there may have been a different outcome”, adding that police failings had contributed to her death.

Ms Hartigan-Burns’ death was referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct who examined the conduct of five officers and two custody detention officers.

The disciplinary panel found Mr Marsden had failed to properly assess Ms Hartigan-Burn, “lost control” of the situation and would have been dismissed if he was still a serving officer.

Mr Marsden, who retired before the hearing took place, is now appealing against the decision.

The hearing will be held at County Hall, Preston, on 17 and 18 May.

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  1. My recent experience with a female Sergeant Amy Ward at Hutton Head Quarters was to inform her of very serious3 Crimes but when she found out that it would expose
    Currupt and dishonest Police told me to report them to Citize Advise and refuses to communicate with me so not to expose the Cheif Constable Chris Rowley.If you phone Hutton on 01772 614444 and ask to speak to Sergeanr Amy Ward and mention my name Peter Smith she will confirm what I have stated to be true she could not get involved without exposing Currupt and dishonest Police,The Police Commissioner who I had a meeting with last summer knows all about this as does his assistant Ian Dickenson recently refused to take a list of victims from since the time I met with Ian Snowden!!!!!!!! To tell him of who was commenting the crimes?


  2. Obviously she has had time to reflect and has decided to make a case to appeal, good idea lets spend more money just so she can attempt to change the outcome of her own negligence.

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