Facebook group membership hits 35,000, a painful number for Lancashire police

A Facebook group that was created to fight police corruption has now hit 35,000 members, a number that is of some embarrassment to Lancashire police as they paid the Facebook group founder, £35,000 in compensation for their corruption and misconduct towards him.

Now this victim of Lancashire police has built a group of members that is rapidly growing.

Lancashire police recently paid the same victim a further £11,250 for a data breach against a child!

The child was only 13 years only and Lancashire police provided the child personal information to a Police Informant (Paul Turner from Skelmersdale), who went on to publish this on the internet.  Neither Turner nor the cop was ever held to account, yet Lancashire police paid £11,250 out of public money to make this ‘go away’.  This will never go away.

Ironically, in a secret recording, a Lancashire Superintendant admitted that they ‘fucked up‘ and that Paul Turner should have been prosecuted.  This is an admission by a senior Lancashire constable that they FAILED to protect a victim of crime.  This is also being progressed via a civil claim for a breach of Article 3 of the Human Rights Act.

The Facebook group (and this website) are part of a campaign against police corruption and we intend to strike at the upper ranks that defend and protect those officers from their corrupt practices.

Lancashire police went on to seek a restraining order, stopping the man from blogging any of their names, using public money to the tune of almost £40,000 to achieve this.  They were desperate to protect their officers some caught committing criminal offences or misconduct.

Rather than hold them to account, they sought a gagging order.

They may silence a single man, but they will not silence 35,000+ group or people who want answers…

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  1. Having 3 wrongful convictions from Devon & Cornwall Police -all, strangely, involving blackmail of one kind or another,I know the price of standing up to perverts for injustice in the police, having exposed a corrupt council in Cornwall, and a duty solicitor in Plymouth, ALAN HARRIS, who was handed boys on a plate BY POLICE, who were then blackmailed into sex.

    I have paid the price – criminalisation and bankruptcy, but I refuse to submit to tyranny. I use The Law of Karma. Having read my words on Karma, police barrister ANDREW CHUBB QC decided it would please his masters and advance his career, if he ‘burnt’ me.

    Just 8 years later, as JUDGE Andrew Chubb QC, he placed himself in a position where he felt his only option was to be his own, judge, jury, and executioner.

    Google his name. We are NOT unprotected from the evils of bad government, and the substandard goons that pass for constables today. All you have to do is live by a law with 6 words. What you put out, comes back. It changes the way one thinks, speaks, and acts.

    Right at this moment, the system is shooting itself in the foot in an ever-increasing degree, revealing just WHAT an abysmal system of government and law we have. Powerful changes are coming. The question is, will it be mob-violence-led from the radical left, or will it be more evolved?

    Can we evolve as humankind fast enough to create a new system of government fair to those that create wealth, and to those that consume wealth, without penalising anyone through primitive 19th century class warfare any longer.

    Best wishes,


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