Formal complaint made about DC Neil Patrick

A call to the ICO has confirmed that the supposed GDPR request made by DC Neil Patrick against this website, puts no obligation on us to reveal any data.

DC Neil Patrick made the GDPR request which requested the identities of people commenting on articles.

The request was specifically

  1. To identify those making comments on articles; and
  2. To determine IF any offences have been committed.

So, point 1 is clearly a fishing expedition with no lawful basis, just seeking a list of identities of people posting harmless comments under  Article 10: Freedom of expression.

The 2nd point shows they have no reasonable suspicion of a crime.  Only that the information they hoped to acquire from point 1 will then furnish them with details to allow them to fish for ‘possible crimes‘.

A bit like police asking someone to allow them to search their house to determine if they have committed crimes.

Welcome to NAZI England.

Further, DC Neil Patrick works for Cambridgeshire police.  He was tasked to investigate an alleged crime against NORFOLK police officers, DS Matthew Abbs and CI Aimee Abbs in a show of independence.

The investigation was supposedly undertaken by a separate police force for ‘independence‘, yet we have evidence that shows DC Neil Patrick communicating with DS Matthew Abbs using Abbs personal email, identified in the email field as ‘ABBSIE MOB‘.

Does this seem independent?  Looks like they are mates.

DC Neil Patrick then provides ABBSIE with falsified allegations against his victim to present to the family court.  This is evidenced as the police were notified in a formal statement of truth that the victim played no part in articles on this website.

The complaint is of public interest and updates will be disclosed to the public.



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