Fraud allegations against Lancashire Chief Constable and Clive Grunshaw

Andy Rhodes and Clive Grunshaw

An allegation of fraud has been reported against the Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary and the Police Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw.

Full details can be read at the following Freedom of Information request here

A summary of the allegation is:

In 2013, a Police motorcycle, BMW R 1200 RT, reg PN07 ECJ was ‘disposed off’ by Lancashire police.  The bike was in full working order, and at the time would have been valued in the region of £6,000-£7,000.  this disposal was allegedly authorised by officers of the Chief Constable.

What in fact was done, was the bike was ‘donated’ / given away.  It was given to an Ex-Lancashire police officer who had started a charity.

No other charity was considered, just this charity, a charity that is chaired by an ex-Lancashire cop (also a Magistrate and a freemason!)

To dispose of a police asset (PUBLIC ASSET) the value must be sufficiently low.  At the time of the donation, the motorcycle was valued at only £1,500.  This is significantly lower that the actual value at the time.  This was a PUBLIC ASSET, paid for by public funds.  In fact, even now, 5 years later, a BMW motorcycle of the same model could fetch up to £4,000 !!!   so who came up with £1,500…..

It was valued ‘low’ to avoid raising suspicions, after all, giving away a police motorcycle that would have been around 5 years old and worth up to £7,000 would have been flagged up as suspicious!! (well dodgy)

It is therefore alleged to have been intentionally devalued so that it could be ‘disposed off’….. i.e., given to an ex-police officer!

This was first identified by an article create on the charity website which clearly stated that the Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw donated the motorcycle.  A fact that Clive Grunshaw disputes, even though the article clear QUOTES Clive Grunshaw.    Even so, Clive Grunshaw as stated via his office that he is unable to ask the charity to comment… really?  So, Clive Grunshaw is saying that the Charity have LIED about his comments and Clive Grunshaw will not ask why?  rubbish!

The OPCC (Clive Grunshaw), when asked, specifically said that the Chief Constable was allowed to dispose of assets up to a specific value, outlined in the Financial Regulations.  After a bit of digging, nothing could be found so it was asked in the Freedom of information, at this time, the OPCC (Clive grunshaw) then changed his mind, stating that there is no such published value.  This seems like a pretty clear LIE.

A link to this ‘vague’ document was later provided…

Financial Regulations
The Financial Regulations govern the relationship between the Commissioner and the Chief Constable in financial matters. They should be viewed as a mechanism to ensure that the financial dealings of the Commissioner and of the Chief Constable are conducted properly and in a way which incorporates recognised best practice and which focuses on bringing operational and financial management together with accurate, complete and timely financial information.  They also include sufficient safeguards for both the Commissioner’s and the Chief Constable’s Chief Finance Officers, who are responsible for ensuring that the financial affairs of the Commissioner and of the police force are properly administered to discharge properly their statutory obligations.


The complaint has now been officially raised with the democratic services who investigate the OPCC for complaints.  Clive Grunshaw has in the past been investigated for fraud.

A complaint has also been raised with Lancashire constabulary who are no strangers to lying.

A further report has been submitted to Action fraud.


The full outcome of all complaints will be published here.

UPDATE 29/11/2018
A formal complaint regarding this has been sent to the police.

UPDATE 30/11/2018
Since the complaint was sent, almost 60 visits to this page alone from an IP address of Lancashire County Council “” (now banned)

I suspect there is a lot of chatter going on trying to figure out how to cover this up.  The response to the compliant will be posted here in due course.

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