FRAUD in Lancashire police

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Lancashire police have been found to be fraudulently handling police assets owned by the public.

In 2013, an ex Lancashire traffic police officer name Paul Brooks started a charity. The charity was to deliver blood. (blood bikes)

Paul Brooks contacted Lancashire police asking for ‘donations’.

Lancashire replied by giving them a £7,000 motorcycle!

The problem is, police can only dispose of assets worth less that £2,000. Ironically, it is the police themselves that are allowed to make this valuation.

So, this £7,000 motorcycle was valued, by police at £1,500 and the given to a ex-police officer. That is £7,000 of public money, given away illegally.

This police motorcycle, reg, PN07 ECJ which is a BMW R 1200 RT was ‘valued’ at £1,500 (this is in 2013) and disposed of, in the direction of Paul Brooks (ex police officer) & corrupt Magistrate.

Below is an email, acquired by a Freedom of information request. It shows how police valued bike at £1,500. at least £5,000 lower than the real value.

This bike, even at today’s market prices, is worth over £3,000. Back in 2013, this motorcycle was worth around £7,000.

This is the bike below back in 2013. Does this look like an old wreck worth £1,500…. The article associated states that the PCC (Police and Crime Commissioner) Clive Grunshaw (right) donated the bike to Paul Brooks on the left (ex Lancashire cop and current Magistrate) Both of whom are Freemasons.

Sign Petition to remove Paul Brooks from the Judiciary

The above bike was falsely valued at only £1,500 by Lancs police so they could ‘give it away’.

Someone in Lancashire police gave away a £7,000 motorcycle owned by the public to an ex-police officer.

This is not the only bike in question.

BMW PN07 ECY, a BMW R1200 was sold to the charity in 2013 for £2,750 by Lancashire police. This bike was also worth in the region of £7,000 in 2013. A loss of around £4,500 of public funds.

BMW PN09 GKP, a BMW R1200RT was sold to the charity in 2013 for £2,000. This bike was worth almost £8,000, a further loss of £6,000 of public funds.

A freedom of information request was made to both Lancashire constabulary and the police and crime commissioner (Clive Grunshaw). Both are trying to fob me off and claim everything was above board.

This is PUBLIC MONEY and a full investigation must take place.

Action Fraud have been notified and full details of this allegation have been provided.

UPDATE – trolls

Not surprisingly, this post has triggered a barrage of trolls, or should I say troll..! Comically, they used a VPN via Hong Kong and every comment was written (apparently) from a different person to try to show how many people disagree… funny that all these people used the exact same VPN with the same IP address with other fundamental identical parameters.

It is pretty clear this post has struck a chord and that it is someone within the charity who simply does not have the balls to identify him or herself, so much to say but trying to do it behind a VPN. All I say is, if you have something to say and stand by it, then STAND BY IT otherwise you are just drivel. Who do you expect to take you seriously when you are too scared to identify yourself.

For the record, this troll is saying why am I targeting the police and the charity as the police have made a nice donation 6 years ago. REALLY, so, you are saying the police have the right to dispose of assets in any way they want to anyone they want? The assets that are paid for in our taxes? If you truly believe that, they you really are a as dumb as your comments suggested.


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