Fraudsters, thieves and thugs: Disgraced cops sacked by West Yorkshire Police in 2021

These officers faced gross misconduct charges and were dismissed – or resigned before they were sacked – during 2021.

West Yorkshire Police releases details involving officer misconduct on the Force website which it says is important for public confidence that policing is open and accountable.

The Force said:

“It is important for public confidence in policing that West Yorkshire Police is open and accountable about misconduct proceedings involving police officers.

“The Police Complaints and Misconduct legislation requires the Force to publish the outcomes of misconduct hearings on this page.

“The vast majority of officers and staff who work for West Yorkshire Police act with integrity and professionalism at all times.

“However, where conduct falls below the high standards expected by the Force it is important for the public to know that they will be dealt with firmly.”

Police Constable Yasin Mulla

Mohammed Yasin Mulla, who tried to claim £10,000 for a car accident that never happened, was convicted in February 2020 of one count of fraud by false representation after a five-day trial at Leeds Crown Court.

He resigned as an officer 15 months after he was convicted.

PC Mulla had tried to get money from his insurer by claiming he was injured and his car damaged by a flying piece of debris on the M606 near Bradford.

His own dashcam revealed that a piece of polystyrene had flown towards his car but had missed the windscreen and bonnet and hadn’t caused any damage, or injuries.

West Yorkshire Police placed PC Mulla, from Bradford, on restrictive duties after the case and he resigned on May 7 this year, four days before a misconduct hearing which decided he would have been dismissed from the Force had he been serving.

Following the misconduct decision, the Force said Mulla’s actions were not compatible with the role of a police officer.

Police Constable Josh Perkins

PC Josh Perkins was dismissed by West Yorkshire Police after a misconduct hearing was told he had ‘inappropriately touched’ several colleagues at a social event.

He attended a four-day hearing which heard claims that he touched six of his colleagues during a social event on Thursday and Friday, March 12 to 13, 2020.

West Yorkshire Police said five allegations of discreditable conduct were found proved.

In a statement, the Force said PC Perkins had been dismissed without notice.

Police Constable Andrew Bell

A police officer said he was “ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted” after he posted an indecent photo of himself on a swingers’ website.

Former Pc Andrew Bell, of West Yorkshire Police, uploaded one image to the Fab Swingers website of himself in uniform, with his warrant card, and another of his naked torso and erect penis.

The 39-year-old officer also engaged in a sexual relationship with a “vulnerable” woman whom he met when she reported her partner for controlling and coercive behaviour.

An independent panel at a police misconduct hearing in Wakefield, found gross misconduct proven against Pc Bell and said he would have been sacked if he had not already resigned.

Police Constable James Wright

PC Wright was dismissed by West Yorkshire Police for taking some coffee found during a search in Bradford.

The coffee was not required as evidence and was not booked into the property stories.

The claims against the officer were found proved at a misconduct hearing and he was dismissed.

Detective Constable Sean Donoghue

Detective Constable Donoghue stole eight bottles of Aldi and Tesco wine in May 2020 from stores in Shipley and Baildon, Bradford and later pleaded guilty to theft.

A misconduct hearing found the matters proved and, had he still been serving, would have been dismissed.

In November this year, the disgraced former officer was jailed for stealing more than £12,000 in cash which had been seized as part of a police investigation.

Donoghue, 53, worked in Protective Services Crime when he abused his position and power to carry out his criminal activities.

He was sentenced to two years and four months in prison.

Police Sergeant McGowan

Sergeant McGowan provided a urine sample that tested positive for cocaine on January 3 2020 whilst on duty, according to West Yorkshire Police.

An allegation that on unspecified dates between 2017 and 2019 that he had used cannabis was found not proven.

A misconduct hearing ruled that the former officer would have been dismissed without notice had he still been a serving officer. The officer’s first name was not stated in details released by the Force.

Police Constable David Hitchcocks

PC Hitchcocks was dismissed from West Yorkshire Police for selling police property on auction site eBay.

The officer, based at the off-road motorcycle team at Eccleshill police station, Bradford, sold motorcycle clothing and boots.

The boots were sold to a member of the public for £170.

A misconduct panel found the charges proved and the officer was dismissed.

Police Constable Koysar Ahmed

PC Ahmed of West Yorkshire Police was sacked for punching a disabled man in Bradford.

The officer had been called to an address to deal with a report of a domestic incident. The officer detained a man who was sitting in a car in his garage.

When the man protested and told the officer he was disabled, PC Ahmed said: “I don’t give a s***”

A police misconduct hearing was told that PC Ahmed had used excessive force by repeatedly punching the man around the head and arm area and also by using CS spray.

The officer was dismissed from the force at the conclusion of a misconduct hearing.

Police Constable James Topp

PC Topp was sacked after he goaded a homeless man before pushing him to the ground.

He was dismissed without notice after an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) also found he made false and misleading statements.

A police misconduct hearing found that the officer’s actions on July 3 2020 amounted to gross misconduct.

The investigation related to an altercation when PC Topp and a colleague visited the Bradford Cyrenians shelter for the homeless on an unrelated matter.

The IOPC said PC Topp pushed the man and forced him to the ground. He then called a staff member who challenged his actions an ‘idiot’.

A misconduct panel found the allegations proven and dismissed the officer without notice.

Police Constable Chris Dwyer

PC Dwyer was sacked for underpaying for a packet of Jaffa Cakes.

PC Dwyer had underpaid for the items from Halifax Police Station’s confectionary stall, which had been set up to help fund a charity trip to Uganda.

The items being sold at the stall – which also included crisps and fizzy drinks – were being sold at 50p each, so PC Dwyer should have paid £1 for his selection, but only paid 10p.

When questioned about the matter, PC Dwyer then “provided dishonest accounts” and his misconduct hearing heard that he had tried to “change and embellish” his story.

The officer was dismissed from the Force at the conclusion of a misconduct hearing.


  1. I’d like to say this is a ‘good news’ story only as it demonstrates the openness of these Police Officers behaviour. Such details of their misconduct in some cases might seem trivial when compared with offences by the general public. What it does do is serve notice on serving and future Police staff that openness and accoutablity will become public knowledge for all to see for now and for the future. Such actions as proven will impact on family members who themselves have done no wrong but will be ‘tainted’ by the actions of the guilty. Personally I couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing than to have my children growing up with the knowledge of my ‘public humiliation’ where details are open to the wider world to see and remember. I think ALL Police Officers should be obliged to read the consequences of all misconduct charges registered on the Police’s website.

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