Further civil action to be taken against Lancashire police

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Today, we received notification that two separate but ‘intrinsically linked’ prosecutions, brought by Lancashire police against a single person have been dropped by CPS.

The charges, brought by Lancashire police (without CPS advice), have been officially discontinued leading to consideration of a civil action for Malicious Prosecution.

Facts leading to a Malicious prosecution

The charges brought were the same (duplicitous) charges that Lancashire police sought some years ago via a task force called ‘Operation Malaya’.

Operation Malaya was submitted to CPS for charging advice.

CPS said no offences were committed and to take NFA (No Further Action).

Operation Malaya was a ‘task force’, of allegedly 20 full time Lancashire police officers, working full time for 4 months!  The alleged offence was ‘harassment’, a summary only offence.

Not satisfied with that, Lancashire police, apparently relentless is their vendetta, (and behind the back of the CPS), brought the same charges, this time without seeking CPS advice even though they were for the same allegations CPS had already ruled on.

And, to make matters worse, Lancashire police brought these charges in duplication to a separate live prosecution (albeit run by clueless buffoons), that they have declared their full knowledge of in the summary of the charges!

This was highlighted by a District judge in court, that they were in fact, duplicitous charges.  The Judge ordered the CPS to get Lancashire police to ‘sort themselves out‘!

Now, red faced Lancashire police will be facing a further claim for two Malicious Prosecutions.

This is in addition to an already successful claim of Malicious Prosecution in 2018, awarding the victim with £35,000 in compensation.

Furthermore, there is an active ‘live’ civil claim for an unlawful arrest of the same victim.

And to top this, a further live ‘civil claim’ against the same victim and his 13 year old child.

Lancashire police are spending Tax payers money left, right and centre to shut this victim down.



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  1. @Cleveland Police now in special measures arrested me 26 times for one conviction in 54 years for a burglory.
    In which one constable collected forensics blood and other evidence Without witnesses or cctv.
    My last arrest was for arson.whilst with injuries of an assault in was locked in cells to be released without charges and no arrests of the assailant.
    No apology was given


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