Further evidence that Lancashire police protected a SNITCH named Paul Turner

As I have always said, Lancashire Police made a decision to protect a snitch rather than a genuine honest hard working person and employer, me.

Lancashire police (The Chief Constable no less) has apologised and paid me £35k in damages + in excess of £100k in legal fees.

It has been published by Iain Gould of DPP Law that a police informant was protected by Lancashire police even after threatening to kill my wife and children.  This person was Paul Turner.


Paul Turner then went on to create and distribute dozens of malicious articles calling me a paedophile.  Read all about what this sick snitch did to my family and realise how Lancashire police allowed it to continue.


By allowing this to continue, police have committed a criminal offence under Section 26 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015



Please sign my petition to get my local MP to investigate this matter.


If you need help with actions against police, click the DPP Law in the right hand column.

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