Further information to suggest bias in the Judiciary by QC David Knifton

As per our previous article, QC David Knifton failed to declare a conflict of interest.  Read about it here

It has since been discovered that the Chambers where QC David Knifton works, is renowned for police protection.

It is published on legal500.com that;

Exchange Chambers is a go-to for criminal and police misconduct work.


According to some, it is also becoming the North’s go-to chambers for police misconduct instructions


Not only that, but evidence that was presented in a case that QC David Knifton presided over, related to articles on this website, articles that expressed open and honest views on the Freemasons.  Even though this evidence was not raised in cross-examination, QC David Knifton took an ‘inquisitorial role’ in the hearing and questioned a witness over the articles he had written about Freemasonry.

QC David Knifton then spoke down to the witness in an argumentative tone telling the witness his views were ridiculous and that his articles were ‘conspiracy theories‘.

Strange as the majority of the country believe that the Freemasons are not to be trusted and that the Judiciary itself is infiltrated with Freemasons, as are the police.

It is believed that David Knifton is a Freemason and if so, should a Masonic Judge be allowed to preside over a case, where evidence related to Freemasonry was presented?  There is no way this could be viewed impartially.


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