Gail Hadfield-Grainger refers to a client as a ‘TOOL’ or, is that TOOWEL?

Another alleged victim of Gail Hadfield-Grainger has come forward and provided another telephone recording of Gail Hadfield-Grainger ‘in action’.

In this recording, Gail Hadfield-Grainger is speaking in a derogatory way about another one of her clients (who legally should be protected by GDPR).  Gail refers to this client as ‘an absolute tool‘.

To put some context to this recording, Gail Hadfield-Grainger had previously breached the personal data of the client that she is referring to, and was subsequently blocked by that person from the UK’s largest anti-police corruption Facebook group called “UK police corruption & misconduct… uncovered” of around 22,000 members.

Due to this, the self-proclaimed professional Lawyer, Gail, seemingly spat her dummy out to a client about the other client.



Remember, Hadfield Grainger & McNally, are NOT regulated.  They pretend to be lawyers and have intentionally breached the personal data of clients. They are under investigation by the ICO and are facing legal action.

On her public Linked profile, Gail says

Passionate human rights advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the legal industry. Experienced in civil and criminal courts and tribunals. Worked in Multi-channel Marketing, and Business Development. Experienced in Microsoft office, management.
Turned my Passion to being a Strong legal professional with a Master’s degree focused in Criminal Justice from The University of Salford.


I would be keen to see the ‘demonstrated history working in the legal industry.

What experience she has with civil and criminal courts and tribunals?

What qualifies her as a strong legal professional?

Also, the history she posts excludes ‘painter and decorator’, which I understand was her trade before getting the 2nd class honours degree.

We wonder if any of her vague work histories relate to prior alleged drug offences.

Gail has a degree, just as tens’ of thousands of other people, some of who work in mackies (no disrespect). To be a professional lawyer or advocate, you need legal qualifications over and above a degree.


  1. I have set up this email:

    I am willing to pay the court fee for people wanting to make a claim against them for fees they paid to hadfield grainger and mcnally. This is for people wanting to claim the amount paid back excluding damages etc (the court fee is based on the amount claimed and if I include damages in the offer it opens up to many possibilities beyond what I maybe willing to pay) but that’s not to say you aren’t entitled to damage which you should certainly consider.

    This is simply to prevent them doing this to others and ensure they don’t profit. If enough people are wanting to claim damages i will see if I can find a legitimate solicitor for some sort of group litigation.

    This excludes other legal costs and is the court fee only, maybe more for people wanting to claim themselves as they don’t trust solicitors now but are not trusting paying more money as they also have issues with government.

    Considering they don’t respond to complaints and you can’t complain to the regulator, the pre action protocol is very straightforward. You don’t have to wait ages, then wait longer for the SRA or ombudsman etc. Use the negatives to your advantage and play them at their own game.

    I’d like to know the details of your case though so I know it’s justified and so it can be considered for group action. This is no affiliation with this website and if you are looking to make the information public that’s not what I am offering here.

    Just to warn people in advance, they will almost certainly threaten you.

    You will be making the claim yourself through the official government website so this is not a scam. This is not legal advice, you are welcome to seek legal advice (not at my expense).

    Also if you paid money to a third party recommended by hadfield grainger and McNally then I may have some useful information for you.

    • Sorry the email I created should read:

      If the admin could change that in the original post it might help avoid confusion.

      You should get court fees back anyway assuming you win the case anyway but I’m willing to pay it to encourage people to claim. No obligation to pay it back to me.

  2. I had issues with them and had to take civil action against them. I can provide details about this. Please do not let them keep your money, even if it was a small amount as they will keep doing this to people. I wrote a review a while back on google to warn people as I was genuinely concerned but it got deleted… It would probably have saved people a lot of wasted time. They tried to threaten me with just about everything they could before deciding to pay out. More like con-artists than lawyers.

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