Gary Enticknap – a Criminal or Collateral damage of Lancashire and Bedfordshire police?

This article is to highlight how a man named Gary Enticknap was sent to prison for attacking me by maliciously labelling me as a paedophile, and for that, he was rightly sent to prison!

However, I have given some thought to this.

While I do not forgive or condone Enticknap for what he did to me or my wife, what I have now considered is that he may well have been a lamb to the slaughter, collateral damage of Lancashire and Bedfordshire police intentional failures.

A man of Churchfield Road in Bedfordshire named George Vella created a sickening website called (now no longer online).

The website contained over 40 lurid false and sickening articles aimed at me and my wife.   Many of these articles suggest I am a paedophile and even compared my wife and I to paedophile serial killers.

The website was relentless and even attacked my elderly mother, my friend and his elderly mother.

The website was created in April 2020 and was in the public domain for 12 months.

Lancashire police were alerted to the website as soon as it was published but purported that they could not identify the website creator, even though they were provided 100% conclusive evidence that George Vella had created it.

After Lancashire police failed to undertake their lawful duties as police to investigate, the crime was then reported directly to Bedfordshire police, the local police force of George Vella.  Bedfordshire police initially recorded it, yet, after confirming they conspired with Lancashire police, they also refused to investigate the offence, leaving the website in the public domain for 12 months!

Gary Enticknap

It was clear Enticknap had an issue with the police as he joined a Facebook group that I run that highlights police misconduct.  Enticknap saw me as an admin of the group and, (confirmed by Cleveland police), researched me via the internet.

What he stumbled across was George Vella’s malicious website about me (again, confirmed by Cleveland police).  After seeing this sickening website, Enticknap evidently made incorrect assumptions as to the validity of the website (and the information it freely published), and he went on to attack me by relaying online what George Vella had published for 12 months.

Gary Enticknap was sent to prison!

Enticknap repeated Vella’s sick comments publicly on Facebook but what he did was still far less dangerous than what Vella did.

Although I have absolutely no sympathy for Enticknap’s imprisonment, it has crossed my mind that Enticknap is possibly a victim of Lancashire police and Bedfordshire police intentional failings, he is collateral damage?

The truth of the matter is that, if Lancashire police or Bedfordshire police had correctly investigated the malicious website and correctly held George Vella to account, Enticknap would not have found the website and would not have publically relayed the sickening messages published by George Vella and would not have been imprisoned.

Therefore, I have significant concerns that Gary Enticknap may well be the victim of Lancashire police and Bedfordshire police who both maliciously refused to investigate George Vella and do all they could to protect me, their duty as police.  They failed, leaving others to attack me and as evidenced by Enticknap, they get imprisoned.

Is Gary Enticknap the collateral damage of Lancashire police and Bedfordshire police?

I suspect so and even though I have no sympathy for him for what he did to me, I do believe he may have a legal challenge against Lancashire police and Bedfordshire police as their failures to investigate the crime that  I had reported, resulted in Gary Enticknap being sent to prison.

I am willing to co-operate in any legal action against either police force for their reckless and malicious failings leading to the imprisonment of a ‘possibly‘ innocent man (Enticknap) and for allowing the author of the malicious website, George Vella to go free.

Enticknap does have a restraining order, he cannot contact me or my wife and I appreciate the judiciary for imposing this sanction to protect us, however, if a solicitor representing Enticknap wants to get in touch,  I am more than happy to discuss this matter in private.



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