Have we found the police or government mole trying to access our website!

I was contacted some time ago by someone called Taz Ryder, (facebook page now deleted) he was trying to set up a website about police and was (at one time) trying to get it hosted on our servers.

He sent me a ‘contact number’ if I needed to call him, it was a mobile.

Today, out of the blue he contacted me, sending me the link to his supposed police website, but it is infected.

Strange how a ‘security specialist’ has an infected site, and wanted to put it on our server!

He then told me the number he gave me was receiving spam and accused me of being the cause.  Turns out, the number he gave me to call him was, as he called it, an ‘isolated number’, that is, he claims it was dedicated to me for inbound communication to him…

I have never met him, never spoken to him, yet he feels the need to send me a dedicated number. Seems he is trying to track me… lol.

Obviously, I told him to ‘do one‘, and he started telling me he didn’t need a tracking phone to ‘track me’, and referred to me as only a WordPress website owner…haha.

Oddly, he sent me a link to his resume, he was bigging himself up, obviously never research my background.

On his resume, he claims to work for GCHQ, for the government, where it says on their website “We are the UK’s intelligence, security and cyber agency. Our mission is to help keep the country safe.”

Check him out Taz Ryder and on Facebook

I wonder if this is linked to the hack attempts on our website?

As you will see in the COMMENTS below this article, Taz Ryder, who proclaims to be an ethical hacker has initiated a threat of illegal action against this website.

We will start attacking your servers ?

Your conversation was posted on Hacking News Groups

Ironically, it was posted ‘anonymously’ but from

Virgin Media Limited



The threat came from the IP address which is a Virgin Media static IP address.

Looking at some of our logs, the IP address is attributed to Walsall (in the West Midlands) and Bedford (Bedfordshire).

How coincidental that I have two legal battles against two bellends living in those areas.


The backpedalling begins…


    • Some sinister information is coming to light. Taz has now sent malicious comments to my place of work. Comments from his chat history identify that he gets ‘his mum’ to post for him, also that he advised us to use violence against our attackers, telling us to ‘hire’ muscle. All noted..

    • So, using the same IP address, you suggest you have ‘SET A TRAP’. No, we did not DDOS a wifi access point. Time will tell if it is a public access point, I doubt this very much, but then that shows that Taz is making threats via public access point, showing the ‘intent’ of his actions. Please keep providing all this good information.

  1. Lol you just DDOS’d a Public Wifi Point. Funny that after this message was posted. Their internet service went down.

    https://ibb.co/HdSrWkK – Most likely your a target yes. Your unfairly targetting people online.
    And trying to disable Wifi Connections. YOUR not ANONYMOUS ONLINE…… Sowi – But U SUCK AT TRACING BOUNCED IP ADDRESSES.

    GO Back to school. awww wait, you dropped out….. (Sad Face)

    • haha, 6 intrusion attempts and Taz says it is a DDOS… distributed amongst 6 IP addresses, two of which appear to be 192.168.x.x ‘internal’ The AP which if I am not mistaken, is Ubiquiti. lol.

    • Unbelievable, you post as ‘anon‘, yet it can only be Taz Ryder as it is about him (you), and then you post this THREAT to attack our servers… from a UK static business IP address

      Virgin Media Limited


      or… is this you know who from Walsall…
      How very strange, the IP address traces to Bedford… and Walsall….

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