REWARD OFFERED – to identify this Lancashire police officer who assaulted an injured man


The reward is up to £100 for the name and address of the police officer in this image. 

The information will be used lawfully to bring legal action against him.

An unidentified Lancashire police officer threw clothes on the head of a man who was having a suspected heart attack, simply because the man was unable to get dressed.

Lancashire police have refused to identify the officer who has, never answered for his conduct due to a willful act to hide his identity by Lancashire Constabulary.

This is the video of the incident – note- there is no sound.

It is alleged that Lancashire police have intentionally hindered this alleged offence and it is unlikely they cannot identify this officer, in fact, we would say it is a bare-faced lie intending to Pervert the Course of Justice.

After Sgt Stephen Eckersley and his colleagues unlawfully stripped Mr Ponting Naked, Mr Ponting began to suffer severe chest pains and a 999 emergency call was made.

Before the paramedics arrived, a police constable (in the picture) approached Mr Ponting at tried to pressure him to put on his clothes, the same clothes that Sgt Eckersley had forcefully removed shortly before.

The unidentified officer told Mr Ponting that he wouldn’t want the paramedics to see him naked and when Mr Ponting was unable to dress due to his condition, the officer dumped the clothes on Mr Ponting’s head.

On arrival, the paramedics were shocked to find Mr Ponting naked, beaten and on a dirty cold floor.

They took Mr Ponting to the hospital where he was initially diagnosed as having a heart attack, later, it transpired to be an increase in troponin caused by the police assault.

Since this incident, Mr Ponting has been unsuccessful in seeking justice.

Lancashire police have gone so far as saying they are unable to establish the identity of the police officer, therefore he cannot be held to account.

Odd, there was another cop watching the whole thing and ‘no one seems to know anything’.  The cop standing watching is complicit in the assault.  You can see him stepping back to the doorway to ‘keep watch‘ (you can see his feet in the above video).

If anyone can identify the police officer, please contact us and we will relay this information to Mr Ponting so he can further his complaint.


  1. As a former police officer, I absolutely loath and detest actions such as these. The officer concerned should be identified and held to account.
    In a custody suite, the names of all persons entering a prisoners cell should be documented on the custody record.
    The victims himself, or his appointed solicitor, should be able to obtain a copy of the custody record, and identify the officer. I hope they do and I hope this feckless officer is held to account for his appalling actions.

  2. Well he obviously wouldn’t have shown a little impatience if he had known that the man was really having a heart attack. He probably thought the person was being difficult. But all this is pure specualtion as all we have is a “bleeding chunk” of video. We don’t know what happened before the officer appears to hand the person his clothes back. It is no big deal.

    • The ‘man’ was me. I was having a suspected heart attack, caused by the brutality of police. On arrival at hospital, they diagnosed a heart attack but after 2 days on the cardiac ward they determined it was the onset of a heart attack and not actually a heart attack.

      • It’s disgusting. That’s what they do n get away with it. And they could have died. He nor the rest of them would have given a hoot. As for the jumpers. Jumping on the shite waggon?? Make sure you ban them from your group and block. If they agree this is what a trained professional should be acting like then God only knows what there standard’s are.i dread to think.

    • You what. Is that what the likes of that are paid for. To treat people like that. It makes no difference. He’s a trained police officer of the law and he can’t see the man is sick. You think this is professional behaviour do you.

  3. There is thousands of victims, suffering police brutality in same/similar as this report. Stassi policing!! We need to unite, fight back for our rights

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