Inspector Adrian Jolly of Lancashire police abuses the HOCR for crime-recording

Inspector Adrian Jolly is at it again!

The HOCR is the counting rules for recorded crime.

The Home Secretary uses these powers to require chief constables to provide regular data on the number of crimes they record. These data must be recorded in accordance with the Home Office Counting Rules (HOCR), which seek to bring more consistency to the process of creating and maintaining crime records at force level.

Lancashire police have repeatedly breached these rules for recording crime, the following is an example:

  • A text message was received, although the number was displayed, the sender was unknown to the recipient.
  • The text messages was targeted at an identified victim by name and was malicious and grossly offensive.
  • This was reported to Lancashire police, a screenshot of the text message was given to them as ‘evidence’.

Now, under the HOCR. This must be recorded as a crime as  (1). prima facie evidence has been provided that (2) is a known crime defined by law (a communication offence), and (3) there is no credible evidence to the contrary.

The official link to the above is here:

See 2. ‘Deciding if a crime should be recorded’


The facts of this incident are as follows:

Evidence was provided.
The evidence was an actual screenshot of the message, the phone number of the sender was provided.
There was no evidence to the contrary as seen in the police response below.


The text message was sent to Person A.  The text message told person A and his wife that they were being stalked.  The message then referred to a 2nd, Person B.  The sender told Person A that he was working for the police and this was how the phone number was gained!  The send identified as a paedophile hunter and told Person A that Person B was a paedophile.  The text message used real names.

This is a serious offence under the Malicious Communications Act that police are refusing to record.

This failure to record a crime was authorised by Inspector Jolly of Lancashire police.

Inspector Jolly of Lancashire police has a number of complaints against him by the victim, Person B.

It is alleged that this is the reason why Inspector Jolly is intentionally abusing his power as a police officer and yet another complaint is being made.

The HOCR have been notified of the offence.


UPDATE: Since this post and report to police complaint and th HOCR.  Inspector Jolly has ‘reviewed’ his decision and now recorded the crime.  It took a member of the public to show Inspector Jolly how crime recording works.

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