Inspector Charlie Cox fails to charge malicious communication

Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police
Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police

Inspector Charlie Cox of Lancashire Police was fully aware Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Policethat a Police Informer in Skelmersdale who has provide significant information to Lancashire Police, intentionally spread malicious unfounded & untrue rumours brandishing an innocent man a paedophile.

This was done as an act of malice by the Police Informer due to him being dismissed by the the victim for gross misconduct.  Inspector Charlie Cox reviewed pages and pages of documents of evidence showing the malicious comments made by the Skelmersdale Police Informer and then incorrectly declared that the information posted was not malicious and then decided that no further action be taken against the Police Informer.

Other Police forces have not only found the same crime as extremely malicious (grossly offensive) but also sucessfully prosecuted the offender as per this article

Section 127 (2) of the Communications Act 2003 makes it an offence for someone to use a “public electronic communications network” to send a message he or she knows to be false, for the purpose of causing “annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another”.  It appears that Inspector Charlie Cox believes he is above the law and can overrule Home Office regulations.

Charlie Cox has a number of complaints against him by the victim yet Lancashire Police have still assigned Inspector Charlie Cox as the investigation officer for all of the victims complaints against Lancashire Police making this a very biased investigation.

A petition has been started to bring charges against Inspector Charlie Cox.  Click here to view it.

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