Inspector Charlie Cox improper investigation IPCC ruled

Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police
Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police
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Inspector Charlie Cox of Lancashire Police, who it is alleged intentionally perverted the course of justice with an improper investigation to protect a fellow Police Officer.

Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police
Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police – smiling assassin!

After a Police complaint where it was reported to Inspector Charlie Cox, that a Police Officer (DC Sean Cloherty) had divulged a private and confidential and restricted Police statement about a victim of crime to two members of the public.

The victim informed Inspector Charlie Cox the witnesses names and contact details yet Inspector Charlie Cox failed to have them interviewed.  Inspector Charlie Cox who overlooked the investigation, then allegedly conspired to pervert the course of justice by not questioning a fabricated statement from DC Sean Cloherty, and based on this fabricated statement alone, did not question an NFA (No Further Action) against his colleague!

On appeal to the IPCC, the IPCC ruled that the Police failed to investigate the allegation and instructed them the investigate ‘properly’.  This is a clear criminal act of Perverting the Course of Justice.

Inspector Charlie Cox of Skelmersdale Police is already subject to a number of Police complaints from the victim and the victims family for other improper and biased Policing decisions Inspector Charlie Cox has made against them which is now subject to a civil claim against Lancashire Constabulary for damages.

This case is being reviewed by the IPCC and overlooked by the victims local MP, Rosie Cooper.

A petition has been started to bring charges against Inspector Charlie Cox.  Click here to view it.



  1. I have evidence to show Essex Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh, has been DIRECTLY OFFERED FIREARMS 5 times. Met offered them 2 years ago CRIME NUMBER CHS/2687 2/9/14.Now with IPCC who have been offered them TWICE IN A MONTH. Still waiting for a case officer. (cant make it up). Wrote to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe on 5/10/16, waiting for a reply.

      • Mike Jones, got serious IPCC upheld appeal into Weapons/Drug Trafficking/Peado rings/Terrorism….serious force corruption into Suffolk PSD investigation 321/09 into police corruption and FIREARMS. Four Chief Constables involved got all paperwork and FIREARM photos.

  2. Paul
    I have some information which may be of interest regarding Lancashire Police. How can I contact you privately?


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